Thursday, September 16, 2004

Adventures in Yarn Aquistions

OK.. so you all think my life is funny.. and as I mentioned in my post at Crochetville I would expand on tonights adventure in my jacked-up Wal-Mart..

So there I was.. making my way to yarn.. after of course scoring the Crochet Fantasy Holiday Edition and feeling all excited that I had even MORE stuff to do .. and of course I was elated to see a fun fur jacket in there seeing as I had just scored some of that at Michaels for 2 bucks a skein...ok focus...

so I get back to the yarn section and was glad to see the yarn I picked up over the weekend was in fact going to be carried by my Wal-Mart.. they also had the RH Foxy and the Bright and Lofty.. as well as the Symphany I had gotten out of town... It was all on the very top row of bins.. I am not short.. I am 5 foot 7 ... I had trouble reaching.. and of course none of it was priced... so..

I grab a skein of Foxy..found the nearest associate and here is how our exchange went

Me: "Excuse me Ma'am.. how much is this..its not marked"

Her: " I dont know this isnt my regular department"

at this point she takes the skein of Foxy.. and walks into the yarn aisle.. and starts to walk straight to the Fun Fur..

Her: "Here it is.. its $3.88"

Me: "No Ma'am.. that isnt even the same yarn or you have a scanner that you can just scan it in and look it up?"

Her: "No .. there is a price scanner at the toy section and as you are checking out your cashier can tell you how much it is "

Me: " I am not about to buy something I dont know the price of first"

Her: " I dont understand these third shift people putting stuff out and not pricing it or putting it with where it belongs.. it belongs here not up there "

as she points to the Fun Fur AGAIN!

Me: " Well Ma'am these are not the same .... its a different brand .. as a matter of fact these are brand new products from the company"

Her: "Well it looks like it should go there. It all looks the same to me."

still looking at the Fun Fur and the probable explaination as to why she doesnt work that section of the store

Me: " Well , apparently this isnt your section is it? I just told you it isnt even the same yarn.. I am gonna just walk away now and go find my price."

She sighed and walked off.. OH WELL..

This is what bothers me about that place.. I understand that the regular department person has to eat lunch or whatever ..but cross train your people.. that would make sense to me.. but NO.. I have to deal with Berta from hardware when all I need is yarn...*sigh*

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