Friday, September 17, 2004

Round Two On That Frogging Afghan

I went to sleep last night dreaming of that freakin' afghan...6 tries on the first square.. I determined that it was the yarn choice.. I was trying to make it a luxury afghan with the smaller chenille I had... boy was that a mistake.. I think had I proceeded farther with it I would have been sorely another trip to Michael's (darn the luck right?)

Here is what I witnessed today .. it was an exchange between two boys .. one was about say 11 and the other maybe 13 .... it was cute .. here is how it went down... and it so made my heart sing!

13 Yr Old: "Dude, what are we in this aisle for? This is girl stuff."

11Yr Old: " I know how to do this and I want to make a scarf for my mom."

13 Yr Old: "Man, you cro-kay?"

11Yr Old; "Its cro-shay dufus..its French."

13 YR Old: "You are seriously gonna spend your allowance on this stuff? This is a girl thing."

This is where it all got to my little heart...

11 Yr Old:" Its for EVERYBODY. Rosie Greer used to knit.. tell him he was a girl..and Yeah I am spending my money to make my mother a gift...which is better than just going and buying some junky thing she wont use."

So the 11 yr old starts touching the yarns trying to decide what he wants .. not looking at price...just touching .. which is the way I shop and I thought it was really cute..and the 13 yr old was standing there thinking it all over .. he took a couple steps and started touching stuff too .. he got to the Patons Divine..

13 yr old: "DUDE! you have to feel this .. it's great!"

the younger boy goes over feels it

11Yr Old:" That is really nice but i dont know if I can make it look right. I think I am gonna use this."

He picked up some Caron Jewelbox.. and they left...very cute...

SO there I was trying to figure out this afghan when what did I find..??
A bunch of TLC on clearance.. oh what Serendipity.. i love that word..and in decent colours so my afghan is going to be black, taupe and white...nice neutral and modern... woohoo!! and the best part is I got all this yarn for 20 dollars PLUS 3 skeins of variegated TLC for a small blanket for Project Linus..SCORE!!

So tonight.. I am going to get at least 4 squares done.. that is my goal .. will tell you all about it tomorrow...

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