Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

I am not gonna go do a year in review.. This past year has actually been pretty stressful for me.. Even though I dont talk much about the things that really get to me.. I would rather just put this one behind me.. And look forward to the one coming.. Lots of plans..

I am gonna be back home in a few months.. Have a trip to Egypt to take with my niece.. Have a few ppl to go see and meet and visit.. I have a busy one coming..

I would like to think more people would look at what they have and be grateful.. Be happy they are alive .. And rejoice in all the good they have.. But I would be naive to think those complainers and down right whiny bitches are ever gonna be anything but.. One can hope right ?

I tell you I have never in my life.. Ran into more hypocritical and/or negative people than I have this year.. It makes me crazy .. Seriously .. And there are some I think if they werent complaining .. They wouldnt know what to do with themselves.. I just really dont get it .. The whole self pity / please feel sorry for me / my life will end if I dont get some sort of attention .. Thing.. i seriously dont.. And its not that I dont have compassion for some of their plights.. But some people seem to have more than others and those wearing out the sympathy card are the ones making me less sensitive to the ones that probably need it .. Sorry .. I am full up ..

at any rate.. No resolutions here.. Just the same promise I make to myself every year.. Try to be the best person I can every day .. That is all any one can ask right ?

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