Thursday, December 15, 2005

Guilt.. the best Motivator

so.. you know i try to be the best autie in the world and sometimes it just doesnt work out that way .. mainly because I have never had kids and dont think in a kid there we were at my sisters house.. all the kids around and the girls clamouring for crochet lessons.. I thought it would be nice to get them all a skein of yarn and their very own hook .. my sister and her husband had a few errands to run so they asked who wanted to go with whom.. well of course all three girls wanted to go with me.. Dallas decided he was coming with us.. so.. my sister tossed me the keys to the minivan .. and said "welcome to the world of MOM.." it was kind of funny .. and for a little while i got a taste of what it would be like to have 4 kids.. i know some of you reading are scared for the kids at this point.. i will tell you all turned out well so dont worry ok? ..

So.. off we went.. it was kind of funny to watch ppl watching me.. as we went into the store.. a guy held the door open for all of us.. and the mom gave me a look like.. "4? and you look that great!" or maybe it was more like.." OMG 4?"... who knows .. I would like to think the first one is true so that is what I will go with ..

we got in .. Dallas in the cart .. all girls touching the cart and me pushing.. those were the rules had to be in or touching the cart til we got the the yarn aisle..Dallas wants to know where the food is.. cause he only came cause he thought we were gettin gfood.. he was disappointed when i had to tell him there wasnt any .. in the hook aisle i told them they could pick whatever hook they wanted.. i almost started to worry then realized they all liked shiny .. so aluminums were chosen by all of them .. then the yarn .. they went thru shopping like me with their hands.. fun furs.. sparkles.. etc.. i showed them the section of simply soft and told them they could have any colour from there.. because they needed a smooth yarn to see what they were doing.. ok .. yarn picked out .. check.. hooks picked out.. check.. ready to go check out .. so that is what we did..

We make it back to the house .. i drop the girls off and go do a small errand.. and come back to Dallas a little upset with me .. hmmm.. here is the dialog.. Dallas is only 4 .. well almost 5 ..

me: dallas are you mad at me ?

Dallas : yes

me: do you still love me ?

Dallas: *grunt*

puzzled.. then my sister takes me to the side.. she was like the girls got something at hobby lobby and dallas didnt DOH!!!! little kids think every thing is presents.. i thought hooks and yarn were supplies.. so i left out poor Dallas.. but it wasnt on purpose .. just wasnt thinking.. so i go over to him and tell him i am sorry and ask what i can do to make it better..

me: Dallas.. i am sorry .. i didnt mean to leave you out.. what can i do

Dallas: make me a hat!

me: i can do that

Dallas: to match my coat!

me: ok..

Dallas : with puppy ears !!


my brother in law was cringing .. Dallas dances around doing the "puppy dance" and he hates it.. so.. there I was making him a hat so he could do it more .. inside.. i was silently laughing.. really hard.. cause.. well you know how it is dont you ? any way this is the result of my evening ..

my guilt ridden evening... one each puppy hat in black orange and white to match the jacket and a damned cute model!!

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