Sunday, November 27, 2005


Hello every one..

I am enjoying the first bit of slience since I got here..I am at my sisters.. and they have all gone to church.. I havent spent a single night in my house since I arrived in town.. tonight.. I will be up there .. and doing the things I should.. Yesterday was spent blowing leaves and directing my Nieces.. Alexis, Audrey and McKenzie in filling leaf bags.. we filled about 25 yesterday and I am only half done.. that kind of sucks huh.. ? Oh well we had a great time...i have gotten a taste of what having kids would be like as well.. i have driven the van and hauled at least three of the four every where i have gone in the past 4 days.. it hasnt been bad .. but of course those of you who know me will not find this next sentence surprising.. it just reinforces I made the right decision about kids.. its much easier when they are some one elses.. and you never have to be the bad guy LOL...

My sister and I have been working on charity squares and joining for our blanket project.. we are a little behind this year since my other sister kind of dropped out of the whole thing.. not to mention the whole family .. her choice.. her life.. its just too bad she would choose to be wtih a man that is so wrong and forsake her entire family for this person.. it would be entirely different if she were you know like 17..steps could be taken to maybe talk some sense into her.. but she is 40.. so her decision is hers and she will have to live with it.. it hurts though.. I wont lie about that..

At anyrate .. my younger sister and I have been working steadily on the blankets.. we are late but they will be done.. I have another week here so .. we have plenty of time.. today I am heading to my house for a couple days to do some cleaning.. hauling... and general organization for when I finally get back in the summer..

I was talked into staying here for the weekend since my step nieces would be here and they wanted to spend time with me.. and of course Brutus.. i think they love him more .. LOL.. and he eats up every bit of attention he gets.. they dote on him.. he gets to lay on the furniture.. sleep in the bed with them .. and they sneak him people food.. then of course i get to be the bad guy when we go back home cause he doesnt get to do any of that.. ok.. he does sit in my chair with me while i crochet and knit ..

My father is doing so GREAT.. at last count he was up 15 pounds.. his energy level is getting better and better.. and he is less frustrated with things.. you remember he is super man .. and thinks he should be able to still do all the things he used to do .. he is working toward that.. he goes out and piddles in the yard and rides the 4 wheeler.. takes care of the dogs and does a few odds and ends.. he is sounding and acting like dad again.. if I didnt get anything for Christmas this year.. that would be gift enough for me .. I want to thank all of you that have had him in your thoughts through this entire thing..

My favourite Uncle and Aunt have been in town this weekend as well.. It been a nice trip so far.. this next week will be spent doing the unpleasant things .. of course.. i could have had a head start already but of course.. I didnt .. I have been fucking off and enjoyingmy time... and that is just fine with me... nothing pressing anyway .. all the stuff i do this trip will bascially have to be redone when i get back right before i move.. but at least I will have a jump on the yard work and my lawn man wont have to labour as much (read.. i wont have to pay him the ransom he charged me last year for the things i am doing now) when the first cut of the lawn comes in the spring..

So this week.. i have leaves to finish and haul.. I have my house to straighten and do a clean sweep on.. i have shrubs to trim.. flower beds to clean.. mulch to spread.. and a little laundry.. not too bad huh ?

I have still been working on the Never Ending Harry Potter Scarf (NEHPS) ... my niece totally forgave me it not being done for th em ovie cause she would rather it be done right.. than half assed and besides she will have it for the next one and the next book.. so she wasnt disappointed when she saw how awesome it would be..

I am trying to think of everything else I have been doing.. its been alot.. oh i gave the girls crochet lessons.. they have in turn gotten very frustrated with it LOL.. imagine that .. I am sure when I can be here all the time .. it will be better.. I can teach them better and follow up better.. i guess the best i can say is that we have all been having fun .. and laughing alot.. and being goofy which is the best thing ever !! .. I love being silly .. anyway.. have a great day every one.. will check back in a few days..

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