Monday, October 17, 2005

Officially Official

I was tipped off a little while ago .. This was gonna happen sometime soon.. I received my official email notification last night... And was really just too tired to come back and do another post.. Lazy me .. But its not because I wasnt excited! .. I totally am .. TOTALLY !! .. I wanted to give it the attention it needed showing off my email.. My button and placing the button accordingly .. This is soo cool to me.. So THANKS LORI!!

Here is my Official Email:

Dear Elizabeth,

I'm pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a esteemed recipient of The Bona Fide Shrone Award! I've determined that you possess many of the salient characteristics of a Shrone!

Here are the reasons why you are a Shrone:

1. You make no apologies for speaking your mind, and you do so in a manner that is admirable and with integrity.

2. You enjoy a good cigar now and then.

3. You have a kind and generous heart.

4. You've got a style all your own that I admire, like that whole three olive martini thing.

5. Something about you says when you get old and withered, you just might go out cruising for penis!

6. You are unknowable.

7. You have excellent taste in yarn.

8. You take life in stride, are realistic, yet aren't so dreadfully boring not to engage in fits of whimsy.

9. You're one groovy chick and I think you are super cool!

10. You haven't killed your inner child and you freely allow it out to play

Yours in Shronedom!

P.S. Your distinguished Bona Fide Shrone card will be sent to you shortly. Feel free to post and brag about your Shrone status! To assist you, I've provided the attached button proclaiming your Shronedom to place on your blog!

SO here is the button.. Which is also on the side bar ..

so not only did I get a button.. I am gonna get a card AND goodies.. How great is that ?? Tell me..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Monday, October 17, 2005  


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