Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Just Random

Just a bunch of random thoughts tonight.. I have been very busy over at Crochetville helping put together an auction to help pay for running the board..its been pretty fun so far..

I made a promise a while back to my oldest niece Jessica.. upon graduation I would take her and a friend on a trip to New Orleans for 10 days or so .. because she really loved that city.. well now in the wake of Katrina.. we have had to go find other plans.. sooooo.. I got to thinking.. and I put her on the hunt for the trip she wanted to take.. being conservative and thoughtful .. she mentioned wanting to try to catch up with the King Tut exhibit that will be touring the US into next year.. and that is when it hit me.. Jessica has always loved all things Egyptian.. she has an Egyptian themed room and at one time I think wanted to be an Egyptologist.. until she realized she would probably have to live most of the time away from her family .. then she changed her mind.. but I digress....

I got online.. started looking around.. and of course there it was .. I found the perfect vacation ...8 days in Egypt with a 3 Day cruise down the Nile.. I emailed her to see what she thought.. she loved it ! but she was concerned about money (what a thoughtful girl!).. when i explained first .. that if we went to NO and took a friend I would be spending the SAME amount as if we went to Egypt just us.. and then i asked if she thought she could deal with not bringing her friend along.. and it took her about 2 seconds to decide that would be ok .. so .. next year .. we are headed to Egypt.. I am all excited already!!

Dad update.. they had to put the tube back in .. but its not as bad as it sounds.. it went in thru the abdomen not in the nose this time.. the theory is .. they can feed him every 2 to 4 hours.. and ALL night while he sleeps through the tube.. AND he will eat when he wants to throughout the day .. right now its all about the weight and getting some back on .. sounds like a damn good plan to me ! My step mom says he is still in good spirits and clamoring to go home so the Doc gave this option and he took it.. fine by me.. so I am h oping to at least see 10 pounds on him in three weeks when I get to go home...its frustrating being here .. I feel very alone tonight.. I hate feeling like that .. but .. I do .. I will be over it by tomorrow I am sure..

anway .. I have some yarn to wind.. I have eBay listing to do .. which I have been putting off.. and of course its not making me any money if I dont post it right ?

so .. I am OFF!

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