Wednesday, September 28, 2005


SO there I was today .. sitting in the drive thru trying to place my order... and before any one says anything about people that work fast food.. I have .. I did my time in the Mc Donald's drive thru many years ago.. its NOT rocket science..

SO .. the speaker comes on

Drive thru lady : HI may I take your order?

Me: I will have a number one with an orange soda

DTL: What would you like to drink with that ?

Me: Orange Soda

DTL: We have sprite .. coke.. diet.. fanta orange .. dr pepper.. what would you like to drink

Me: (screaming loud enough that had she had the drive thru window open she could have heard me) ORANGE SODA!

DTL: That was a number one with a sprite.. that will be 4.79.. please pull up..

(banging head on steering wheel)

I pull to the window determined to be nice.. she takes my money and before i can even open my mouth to tell her I want orange soda.. she is off to make my sprite.. she comes back ..

Me: I asked for an Orange soda...

DTL: I couldnt hear you over your engine..

I wanted to go off.. cause i drive a MINI COOPER..MINI as in tiny car.. as in 4 cylinders.... how loud could my engine be? she couldnt hear me over my engine but had no problems hearing the guy behind me who was driving a 3/4 ton four wheel drive DIESEL !!! WTF..!! That was the lamest thing I think I have heard in a long time.. I just shook my head and said..

Me: Maybe they should get you a better head set if you cant hear over my little car engine..

I got my change and drove off.. with my ORANGE SODA!!

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