Friday, September 16, 2005

MeMe... tagged.. Damn It Deneen!!

yeah the title says it all.. Deneen does this to me as her personal form of torture.. i think she really likes to hear me bitch LOL..

oh and of course i have to say it .. nothing like giving things away to get ppl to comment on my blog.. you big bunch of greedy biatches !!!

so here we go .. MeMe time and before I start.. Burfica.. Alekx...Mom....Natalie and Joy consider this your tag..

so here you are Deneen

10 Years Ago: I was living in a town house struggling my way thru life in a good way ..slaving for "the man" ... and driving the ugliest car ever but I loved her !

5 Years Ago: I was settling into the love of my life .. my 110 year old victorian money pit ! finally "home" .. and trying to make my mark in her ..

1 Year Ago: I started this blog.. I know you all would be so sad with out me in your life saying the things every one thinks but wont say .. and all out being a bitch LOL...

5 Snacks: Dark Chocolate anything.. Salt and Vinegar Chips...Granny Smith Apples with Caramel Dip.. Yogurt.. String Cheese

5 Songs To Which I know All The words: Jet~Cold Heart Bitch... Madonna~Crazy For You.....Berlin~ Take My Breath Away .....Steppenwolf~Magic Carpet Ride....Kid Rock ~Cowboy

5 Things I would Do With $100 Million :

Have my house totally rennovated while I went on a 6 month cruise around the world...

pay for each of my nieces and nephew to have a college education .. and a future..

Set up each of my Family members..

Give to Charity


5 Places To Run Away : Tibet...Australia...Russia.. Prague.. London

5 Things I Would Never Wear :Pleather..White Pants....orthopedic shoes (gotta be sexy and/or funky)...socks and sandals with exception for my birkis and fleece socks... curlers and/or PJ's in public..

5 Favourite TV shows: Sex and The City....Rescue Me... What Not To Wear.. Gilmore Girls...I Love Lucy

5 Biggest Joys In Life : the feeling of my small hand in a larger stronger hand.. the smells of the changing seasons in the air... watching my nieces become young ladies and helping them become all they can be.. espresso and freshly baked french bread.. Creating

5 Favourite Toys: hahaha.. I am gonna try to keep this answer clean .. .. My Mini Cooper S....My Power Tools.. My Digital Camera .. my Yarn Winder and black leather paddle with silver studs .. (i just couldnt help meself!)..

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