Saturday, September 10, 2005

Happy Day

well my little heart is dancing today ..

I get to see some one I havent seen in almost a year tomorrow !! They will be in Charlotte for three days.. we have alot of catching up to do .. always makes me happy ..

Today .. I finally found my copy of Interweave Knit's Crochet edition.. such nice projects.. most of them...there are a couple that are iffy.. but that is the case with almost every publication.. I cant name one book or magazine in which all the patterns enchant me.. this one has many .. the pirates jacket will be my first project.. I have some Noro Blossom that will make that a very nice project if i can make it hit gauge like it should.. the original is done in a ribbon yarn .. which i am not a big fan.. so.. we shall see.. this might look hideous in the Noro then I am back to square one.. why can I never make the project with the suggested yarn ? probably because I have the desire not to be a lemming ..

Just wanted to write a little today .. the weather is nice.. lunch at Lula's.. new mag...and I get to see some one that is very special to me .. all this in one day .. I just might explode..

guess it makes up for the total crap day I was having yesterday .. i think Deneen sent some of it my way LOL .. or the stars were lined up just right or something .. oh well .. today is looking up by leaps and bounds.. i swear to you it couldnt have gotten worse yesterday .. but I digress.. i am not here to bitch today but to spread sunshine and happiness !!

have a great saturday every one !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Saturday, September 10, 2005  


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