Thursday, September 08, 2005


In my previous post.. I bitched.. I didnt want to even say why I was in the store because I didnt want positive intermingled with negative..

First off.. I think you should all pay a little visit to Deb.. she has said it best .. I will not get into the politics of this hurricane .. and I am not going to say what I think about those standing around running their mouths and not atually DOING anything .. at any rate.. Deb summed it up quite precisely ..

Also the reason I was going to the store.. to get some things for myself.. but I had promised to help the hurricane survivors as well .. so I loaded my cart.. and I am not telling you all this just to get a pat on the back .. as much as I think a money donation would have been nice.. this truck rolled out that evening and these things will be in the hands of those that need them NOW.. to me it was a more immediate answer .. and the truck driver that was taking them .. It was his OWN truck.. and OWN time.. he turned down work this week to take these things to these people... I gave him a hug when I left the stuff .. and thanked him for being so kind....

20 full sized tubes of toothpaste
20 double pack tooth brushes
10 containers of antibacterial hand wipes
10 full sized shampoos
10 full sized conditioners
2 pkgs (10 count each ) Ivory soap bars
2 pkgs (10 count each) disposable razors
5 cans of shaving cream
40 rolls of toilet paper
20 rolls of paper towels

40 pounds of dog food
40 pounds of cat food

the largest bottle of bleach I could find

25 pks of 8 pk crayons
15 coloring books

I know I have left something out.. the point is .. It went on the truck and got there already .. and it makes my heart happy to know I have already helped some one..

So.. if some one is gathering for hurricane relief in your area.. if you can please give something.. just one of something .. clean out your closet and give the clothes you dont wear .. give up the back up package of toilet paper..the extra toothbrush .. the extra canned things in your cabinet.. you might not think its much .. but to some one that has NOTHING.. its alot right now.. so just do it !

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