Monday, August 01, 2005

time flies

but i really havent been having fun .. seriously i am so behind on every thing I dont know when I am gonna get to catch up.. AND my cat had her babies.. 5 little furry babies in my house and 3 weeks or so of work to catch up on .. am i busy ? ... umm just a little ..

i have about 100 pictures to sort name and catalog then I will catch you up from the beginning of the July adventure with me .. home.. and the girls.. It would be a vast understatement for me to say I had a great time.. it was far more than that .. memories .. laughs .. late night goofiness....screaming with the waves at the beach .. does it really get any better????

of course now I have to catch up .. but I wouldnt have traded one minute with the girls or at home for it.. that much is certain ..

its been stifling hot here.. I am kind of glad the girls werent here this past week because we would not have wanted to even step outside.. let alone get in my BLACK car..

I got my name for the Secret Sistah swap .. I am happy but it was the person participating that I think I know the least about.. of course making it all the more fun to play sleuth and see what I can come up with as far as surpises.. now to disguise my packages and throw her totally off the trail *insert maniacal laugh here * .. I already have plans .. and I think my first package may go out as early as Wednesday .. as I have some other things to ship then too ..

let the torture games begin!!!

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