Thursday, July 14, 2005


ok .. so I call at the first of the week to make weekend arrangements for Hatteras.. all things go.. ferry reservation.. hotel reservation .. dinner reservations .. etc.. I am usually a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl.. but in this case.. I would hate for my spontaneity to ruin two girls' summer vacation so I made all the proper arrangements.. then.. I get a call from the hotel where we have reservations.. they made a mistake.. our booking is cancelled.. WTF!? its THURSDAY !! THURSDAY and they cancel us for saturday .. not even an attempt to help find new lodgings or anything nor is there an exception to the rules made and its THEIR error!!... this was the Sea Gull I dont suggest any of you staying there.. that is how i am .. fuck me over and I am gonna tell all my friends.. the deal is the person that made the reservation didnt say anything about a two night minimum.. and then got confused on the booking date.. well .. you know that is not my problem and in my eyes.. since it was error on their part.. the exception should have been made.. but it wasnt.. and not even an effort made to help me out.. the Break Water was more helpful.. and they were booked.. but Kathy.. the nice lady that answered the phone.. helped me call around and find a place.. THAT IS SERVICE.. and the next time I decide to go to Hatteras.. you can bet the Break Water will be the first place I call to try to make reservations.. its really simple.. I was in the service industry for years.. and totally believe in trying to make every experience the best to build repeat service.. and the Sea Gull is NEVER going to get any of my money and I hope none of yours either... I did find a place and it ended up less expensive and actually closer to the beach .. it looks quaint and Mrs. Dillion at the front desk was awesome.. we are now staying at the Outer Banks Motel ... so finally all systems go for the weekend .. I cant wait.. I need some water and sand badly .. its gonna be nice.. I am still shaking my head.. and of course I have written a long letter to the proprietor of the Sea Gull outlining my dilema.. and also telling them that when some one asks where to stay on Hatteras.. the first thing I will say is "Not the Sea Gull" ...I know they probably dont care.. its summer and they are making money .. and will continue to do so .. but its the whole point.. and ONE voice sometimes can make a difference.. I do still believe that .. and I also believe that word of mouth can be a killer.. I tell say 5 people about my experience and all five do the same.. etc.. etc.. how many people and how fast does word travel .. well you do the math.. but needless to say .. I am happy it all worked out better in the end..

more later .. just had to get it off my chest!

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