Monday, July 11, 2005

Home AT LAST!! but not really just in NC ..

To say I was at home would be a false statement.. but I am back in NC.. My trip was busy and of course I have a ton of things to tell you and so does Llarry ..

I made it home in what I thought was my longest time ever... 10 and a half hours.. I got stuck in Asheville due to weather and a fallen tree.. good thing for me.. I had some knitting and crochet work to do ... I got a good bit done while waiting for the tree to be cleared from the mountain road on which there was no way to turn around or find an alternate route..

I got home .. picked up my niece .. and went to get pricing done for my yard sale /festival thing on saturday .. I am giving the condensed version because Llarry will be my guest blogger tomorrow and give full details..

I saw my dad sunday.. he looked really good and was doing well ..

The trip home.... TRAUMATIC.. .. that is the best word I can use.. You will note on the way home to Kentucky Brutus , the wonderdog, was the perfect passenger.. even elicited a few honks from passing semis cause he is so damned CUTE..

The way back to NC .. well not so great and he isnt the wonderdog any more.. about half way thru the trip home .. well less than half.. it was about Knoxville.. he started gettting restless.. and wanted in my lap.. he NEVER does this and I should have taken this as a sign.. I make him get back in the back seat with Alexis.. the younger of the two nieces.. welllllllll.. about 15 minutes later.. I hear

"Aunt Beth.. Brutus just pooped on me a little"..

And he comes toward the front of the car.. onto Jessica.. the older niece..

I am thinking we need off the road and FAST.. so I am looking for the next exit.. 2 miles.. those were the longest two miles I have every driven .. because ...

As Brutus jumped up on Jessica.. she had the sense to try to direct him back to the back seat.. as luck would have it.. she turned his ass toward me just in time for me to get sprayed with projectile shit.. I have never seen so much shit come from a dog's ass.. and I still had a mile to the exit.. we were all gagging and grossing out.. Jessica remaind unscathed.. she didnt even get one little drop on her.. Alexis's damage was a spot on her t-shirt about the size of a half dollar.. me?

Let's put it this way .. I had to completely change clothes .. and was very tempted to throw away the ones I had on.. not only that .. my seat belt.. the connector.. under my seat .. the whole side of my seat.. my wallet.. and CD holder.. all sprayed.. I thought I was going to DIE... Me and smells .. not such good friends.. I was thankful it didnt get on my phone.. I am not sure insurance would have covered that..

I get off the exit.. as luck would have it.. that store had NO CLEANERS.. NONE.. what the fuck??!! .. luckily.. I had some Fantastic Orange wipes .. some blue paper towels .. and some Febreze in my car.. so ..

An hour later.. a whole package of wipes.. half a bottle of Febreze and every last paper towel I had.. PLUS a change of clothes.. I was ready to drive to the next exit to get some real cleaner and get the rest of the mess out of my car..

Did I mention .. I have leather seats.. and that it was down IN the connector of my seat belt not to mention on the belt as well ?

I get to the next stop.. get gas.. go in .. got some antibacterial cleaner.. another roll of paper towels and 45 minutes later.. after basically crawling under the seat ... scrubbing the whole of my seat.. scrubbing the seat belt etc.. and MORE Febreze.. we were ready for the rest of the trip.. with the dog .. safely in his kennel..

Lessons Learned..

Never let a child hold your dog while travelling.. the combination of body heats.. over heats the dog and he ends up shitting all in your car and throwing up the minute he gets out.. (thank goodness for that cause vomit.. OMG.. I dont deal with that well at all .. i would have done it too )

ALWAYS carry cleaners in your car.. if you are travelling with animals .. I suggest an enzyme based one specifically for pet stains.. better safe than sorry .. and having to ride 300 miles with stench..

ALWAYS have a fresh change of clothing in your car in case of such emergencies.. I cant imagine what I would have done had I not been able to change..

Needless to say .. I spent the whole of sunday ultra cleaning my car.. and to be on the safe side.. I am taking it to the steam cleaners sometime this week .. I cant stand the thought of me missing something and it just sitting in there for months stinking..

So I actually set the record long time coming back . 13 hours.. thats right 13 hours for a 9 hour trip.. and nastiness to boot..

so. .. more details tomorrow kids.. I am sure you had enough for today ..

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