Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Summer .. It's "Official"

So its officially summer.. whatever.. been hot here for a month already .. I guess its the consequence of living in the South.. I dont mind it though.. I get all four seasons and none are too extreme.. so I am happy with that ..

Happy late Summer Solstice to all my pagan friends!

Saying I was busy today would be like saying Donald Trump has a little money. I have been crazy busy all day ..listing some auctions to drive ppl to my store.. rearranging my office.. my work space.. my yarn.. winding .. measuring and putting away said yarn.. I even knitted and crocheted a little today .. I couldnt believe I had time.. and I FINISHED something.. LOL

Here it is .. asymmetrical...done in a seeded boucle in Denim colour way ..with a large tunisian hook .. and the tassles are a little of the boucle and some cotton chenille in periwinkle.. .. sorry for lack of subject.. its for my youngest niece and of course she isnt here so the office chair had to do.. looks a little lifeless now that I am looking at the picture.. oh well at least its finished.. and will definately look better on ..

I wish I could say I was close to finished with my knit bags (one I am actually writing up the pattern can you believe it? watch out Deneen hell just might freeze over a little more ) .. or the tube.. but .. no.. I am not.. oh well .. drive on .. they will be done soon.. I am doing a bit of a scramble.. I want to do a few special things to take home with me for friends I havent seen in a while.. so I have that on my plate too .. then there is the temptation of THIS yarn .. begging me to do something with it(yeah.. i kept 1000 yards for me ..wouldnt you ? ) .. and so is Deneen.. LOL .. she wants to see what I do with it .. I cant blame her.. I want to see too .. but you know if I forsake my other projects for the lure of the other pretty yarn.. wont it be like cheating..? it might be fun while you do it but when you go back and look the other projects in the face.. you feel regret for leaving them .. ok.. well it sounds good in theory.. but.. you know.. I will be starting a new shawl tomorrow.. I justify this by saying I need a new fabulous item to wear while I am at home and of course to advertise!! ..

I was awake today at 8 am .. was it a good thing.. not so much.. I woke up to the painters crawling all over my house and talking about getting too drunk last night and the ugly women they woke up with this morning.. dontcha hate beer goggles? .. it was funny .. but would have been more so had it been a "decent" hour.. like..ummm .. NOON!.. two days in a row up early.. I might die soon .. LOL.. or give some one a heart attack by being up .. I was careful not to venture into the sun for fear of burning up.. they let me know .. they would be back tomorrow.. same bat time.. same bat station.. FUCK.. I am gonna be a bigger bitch by the end of the week.. cause they said they probably wouldnt be through until friday .. I am seriously not a morning person.. the house does look better already and it just has the primer coat on it .. I will show and tell when its all done... since the new owner bought it.. its been night and day difference.. he actually has interest in making it better... I will show before and afters of the fireplace too .. its looking nice not quite done but you will get the gist..

OK.. off to do a little more work and get my salad ready for tomorrow.. Its spinach and believe it or not its better when it gets to sit in the vinegairette over night and its a little wilted.. unlike lettuce which is totally gross that way ..

See you crazy kids tomorrow !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Tuesday, June 21, 2005  


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