Friday, June 10, 2005

Thank Yous..and WIP's...

Hey .. I am back .. you dont have to wait a week to hear from me again .. lucky you !!

I have a couple thank yous... I need to make some shout outs ...

First.. I recieved this beautiful bar of soap from Yarn Yoga.. its 100% vegan and almost too pretty to use.. and it smells heavenly.. how did you know I miss my magnolias..?? ... My letterbox smelled so good when I opened it up .. and my living room smells good having this soap just unwrapped on my coffee table.. its that nice.. I will tell you how it works when I can bring myself to actually wet it and use it LOL .. Thanks !!!

The next shout out goes to Kirsten , remember.. she did the Revlon run/walk for cancer research and held the virtual auction.. welll.. I WON!!.. and this is what i recieved in the mail from her .. its amazing.. its merino/tencel roving from Deep Color Studio and this picture cant even begin to capture the yummy goodness of this stuff.. I am going to spin it in singles .. then ply it together.. how pretty is that gonna be?

I swear I have been working on stuff... mostly knit .. I wanted to do something with the lime green wool my secret pal Rebecca sent me ... so I started this..

I know it looks like a big lime rectangle.. and it is for now.. Its going to be a great felted messenger bag when I am finished.. I have a LONG way to go.. but its going.. and I am excited about it..

I also started this knit tube type thing to just kind of warm the shoulders or be an accent for summer .. I am using THIS yarn and its totally fabulous.. its soft and the drape is to DIE for ..

I am doing a little design with purled little squares in the knit part.. I kind of winged it.. I cant wait to finish it and give it to the recipient.. she will get it when I go home.. I hope she likes it..

On a really good note .. no matter what .. I am leaving here in 20 days and will be gone a couple weeks.. still trying to make money for the go home fund.. so keep checking my auctions.. new ones will be up tomorrow.. I have some hand painted stuff drying and I need to blend a few things together.. also.. this week .. instead of a feature yarn.. I have a bracelet bag up .. my gold sparkle with the detachable cell holder.. thought a change would be good.. I am also getting to stop by Melanie's before I go .. So .. I will actually be taking some yarn on the road with me to sell even while I am gone.. that is the great part of this "job" .. its very portable.. I will be doing some dyeing at home too .. lots of new nice things to come.. and my kitchen is bigger there.. so I can do bigger batches .. WOOHOOO!!

I know there have been alot of you that have supported my fund by buying yarn and I truly appreciate it.. I really do .. you all ROCK!! Thanks also for all your thoughts .. and well wishes.. .. I will keep you posted on all the good stuff..

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