Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Out of the Ashes..

Or at least that is how I feel.. this week has been crazy as hell.. got some fairly bad news from home.. My father has been diagnosed with stomach cancer.. I dont know much so I cant say much.. I can say.. please.. what ever you do in my comments dont say you are sorry .. I really hate that.. I know it sounds ungrateful or whatever.. In my eyes it shows pity .. and I really dislike it.. I have a firm view.. (as does my Dad) .. things happen and they work out like they are supposed to.. and sometimes its not what we want but its just the way it is..

I spoke to him personally Sunday.. we are on the same page.. I am not rushing home yet cause there is nothing I can do and would be " a waste of time and energy" ( that is what he said)...cause right now he feels great is still working etc.. He has his CTscan this week and we will know more.. My dad and I are alot alike.. I hated it growing up but .. now that I am older of course I appreciate it alot more..we are logical and non emotional.. until of course the time is when you need to be.. we talked for a good while sunday and he laughed and called my sisters such "girls" for being a bit hysterical and emotional.. I asked if he wanted me to come home.. and he was like "Why so you can sit around and BOO HOO for a few days and waste time and energy?" .. so there is the answer.. for now I am here.. but I am preparing for when I do have to go.. and I will go ..just not now.. cause there is no need..and of course there isnt enough information available to start getting crazy or having a break down .. so we wait....

of course I am about to list a shit load of y arn so I can make the extra money for the trip and have it set aside.. most people that know me.. know.. I do not use credit cards.. I dont believe in them .. so .. I will be stashing what I can for the trip home ... I know I can make what I need in 4 weeks.. I just have to buckle down and do it.. I had planned on the first of July anyway .. so I am not sure if that is up in the air or not.. If its later.. then that would be better for me money wise.. but I will miss out on my city wide yard sale I love so much and the festival in town and seeing every one there.. so I will have to figure it out.. cause If I go at the first of July for that and then have to turn back around and go back.. that wouldnt be good..

I had another notch taken out of my travel fund when my house insurance went up $450 dollars this year... Seems the agent I work with is undergoing some restructure and the the people I have my insurance with arent going to be part of the restructure.. so they had to switch companies.. UGH.. could I please keep getting sucker punched? I love it so much .. so the $450 took my travel money and I am starting from scratch again.. a good note .. the US Open is in town next week and hopefully I can make it to market and sell some of those ladies some stuff .. I dyed all day yesterday and will do that the rest of the day today .. in preparation.. and I have been busy making shawls.. seems those sell the best for me ..

I am seriously trying not to let all this stuff get me down.. but damn its hard .. and of course with all the news about my dad and my really stressed family relations tensions are high and things are crazy in that area.. its taking all my strength to keep my chin up .. It really shouldnt be this hard.. really ..

anyway .. there is an update for all you that have been wondering... and tonight.. I will have pictures.. I will change my featured yarn.. I will have some yarn listed.. and all kinds of new exciting things !!

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