Friday, May 13, 2005

Flash Your Tattoo...

Its Friday the 13th .. what better way to celebrate than to flash those tats.. so join me if you will!!

I will start with the very first I recieved.. its small .. delicate.. and took no time at all but since I freaked myself out .. and it was very hot in the tattoo parlour.. well.. I almost passed out.. needles freak me out.. but this was a different kind of needle so that part wasnt bad.. the heat and nerves almost did me in.. I know.. I am a wimp!..

(note the cute 3 olive tank.. wish I had picked up more of these at Target a couple years ago.. I *heart* this tank top!)

and.. for those that dont see well.. yes.. its tiny.. its a little red rose.. about as cliche as you can get but hey .. I was 19... that was a long time ago LOL..

The second and third are together.. cause it would be damned silly to separate them.. please excuse the nasty dry feet LOL .. I should have painted my nails and had it looking all nice but wanted to get this done before the day was almost over.. !!

wait.. I am gonna go do that .. be back.. .. cause I just cant have you see my crusty feet... wait right there.. I swear it will just be a minute...

SEE.. you didnt even miss me ..

These are my second and third.. the one on the top of my foot I received for my 27th birthday.. its an ancient celtic symbol called a Triskele or Triskelion.. the band .. was for 25.. and I just let the artist make me something cool and one of a kind .. and that is exactly what he did..

NOW.. I have to share the fact.. I want another .. and here is it.. I will have this done approximately 3 X 5 on the small of my back .. there is a story that goes along with it.. but I will have to tell it later... need to get this posted and get out the door..

More later.. that is a promise !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, May 13, 2005  


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