Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yesterday and Today

I was gonna post yesterday .. I swear I was .. and I had a good post all in my head (yes yes along with all the voices)...came to post.. blogger was down for maintaince... I should have paid attention to the time.. of course all the time zones easily confuse me .. to add to my further confusion .. a couple of you readers live in Arizona where the time never changes.. confusing my ass even more.. its weird I say !! WEIRD.. no time change and no Martin Luther King day .. what is wrong with you people??? LOL..

Last night I went for a walk .. in the nice warm North Carolina spring rain.. it felt good.. big drops.. cooling my skin.. I got home .. soaked.. refreshed.. feeling alive.. it was nice.. nothing makes me feel better.. ok well there are some things .. but should I really go there? I might give some one a heart attack .. that wouldnt be nice now would it?

Today .. I have been busy with yarn.. busy with gettting ready for market.. its tomorrow.. looks like its gonna be a nice day .. FINALLY !! I actually have a few new things to take and some yarns I can sell.. so .. we will see how it all goes.. I need to get busy and do some dyeing today .. but I am afraid it wont be dry for tomorrow anyway .. well I could do it.. if its not there is always next week .. so I guess I will occupy my afternoon with yarn.. and a walk to the post office.. as much as its a pain in the ass to walk there.. the exercise does me good.. the way there is slightly comical.. juggling packages..the way home isnt so bad.. I have to attribute some of my recent weight loss to this 5 mile trek.. another pound and a half this week .. SCORE!!! I have been trying to add dairy cause they say dairy helps you burn fat.. we will my bones probably need it any way ..

I went last night to pick up some things I needed.. packing tape..yogurt.. spinach ( a good source of Iron and vitamin K.. *i have a deficiency that causes my nose to bleed for no apparent good reason *) Ovaltine.. eggs.. I know strange shopping list.. I even resisted the craft area.. I was at the dreaded Wal*Mart.. I really hate it.. but its the only thing open late around here.. I prefer to shop late.. I dont like dealing with all the stupid people in this world ... I have found late night shopping lets me avoid alot of my dealings with them .. now to only have a 24 hr AC Moore.. that would me so nice...

Of course the masons never showed yesterday to finish the living room job.. UGH!.. My living room has been in disarray for 2 months .. this is really pissing me off.. Its gonna be nice when its done.. but .. its a pain in the ass waiting.. can you tell patience is not my strong point.. never has been .. make no mistake about that... at least I know these things about myself.. I am not delusional.. I know this is not a strong point of mine.. I have never lied to myself about my shortcomings .. I have many.. I know this..

Kitten.. you asked where I got my lips.. well I guess I got lucky.. My parents are pretty good looking people.. I got lucky.. I mean I know I am not Miss America.. but I think I turned out ok .. my eyes and my lips are my two best features in my mind(THANKS DAD!).. I got tormented when I was younger because of them ..... called many unmentionable names.. but now.. I laugh at those people .. running out to get collegen implants...or injections or whatever.. and I dont have to .. the only thing I have to do to enhance mine is put a little shine and alittle liner.. I have always loved lipstick .. Like I mentioned earlier.. I have never thought I was anything really special.. so .. when some one compliments me its hard for me to take.. seriously.. I dont take compliments well .. there are many many reasons for this.. not worth getting into really .. the main thing is .. I am at a place where I like me now.. that is what matters most.. it took me a long time to get here.. so take me or leave me .. this is me .. its not up for negotiation.. now to find some one that appreciates all that..takes me for who I am and not for who they think I should be.. I guess If I stopped being a bitch.. it would be easier huh?

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