Thursday, May 05, 2005

Happy Cinqo De Mayo

Happy Cinqo De Mayo every one! .. I wonder just how many people that use this day as an excuse to go out and party and get drunk.. actually know WHY.. and what is important about this day ? .. The things I think ..

There was an interesting link in My Friend Opie's blog this morning ....this was my particular favourite..

Chick #1: I want to see you with a nice guy.
Chick #2: I want to see me with a nice guy, too. Preferably in the mirror above my bed.

--Molly Wee Pub, 30th & 8th

Doesnt sound like a bad thing to me at all .. hmmm LOL..

Yesterday found me rather blah and deflated.. I had high hopes of being a production queen .. and ended up just doing the necessaries to get me through my day .. you know.. clean the kitchen make the bed.. fuck around on line.. I managed to wind some yarn late last night.. and got some stuff posted.. I added a link in my side bar to ebay .. its a direct thing that will take you to the yarns I am selling.. I thought it might save some time.. and keep you all from having to struggle to hard to find it..

I did get a little done on my website last night.. I talked to my associate that is building it for me .. she has some kick ass ideas.. and I have to do a little work of my own today .. think about an introduction type thing .. sections I want to have .. things I really want to keep etc.. decide how many times a year to change.. ( probably with the seasons.. just like the stores do ) .. more questions.. more answer.. more searching for info.. images.. etc.. apparently there is more to it than what I thought LOL.. there always is.. but the good news is.. she said some of the things I wanted to do were "really simple"... those are her words.. I consider myself lucky if I can add a picture and make a link work here .. let alone try to build a WHOLE stinking website.. this whole process can be and is very overwhelming to me..

There are times .. when I know I have so much to do .. that I cant even decide where to start.. then if I actually allow myself a personal life.. my emotions can get to a point where its almost crippling.. I go full out.. I dont hold back .. so when I am with some one and its good.. man.. its soooooo good... but when I am with some one and its bad.. its beyond bad.. and unfortunately I have a problem sectioning off... and putting away those things that need put away .. I am sure it sounds weird.. I am not one to let people get close to me just for fun.. I am one who guards myself and lets very few in for this reason... I lot of people in my life or have had contact with me think I am a cold hearted bitch.. but the real truth is.. inside .. I care so much for the people I do allow in.. that I cant let too many in or I wouldnt be able to function.. I dont know if that makes one bit of sense to any one but me.. If I allowed too many people in .. I wouldnt have anything left for me to go on.. I would be too busy giving all I had to every one else..

Man ... I am rambling this morning.. and probably exposing too much.. so .. the guard goes back up ..

have a great day !

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