Thursday, April 28, 2005

Morning.. ?

UGH.. with all the sleep yesterday.. drugs.. and all I am feeling a little hungover today.. I will be ok though .. that is the catch -22 of the medicine I take .. I sleep alot and have a kind of sleep an drug hang over the next day.. it kind of sucks.. but.. the alternative.. well its suckier..

I have a buys day of winding yarn.. package sending.. and getting things listed ... woo hoo.. running alittle business is WORK ...LOL .. as well as getting some things complete and some stock stuff done.. since I ordered more handles the other night.. what in the hell is wrong with me? I was lured in by good prices and colours.. I will admit.. when I saw the translucent limey/ apple green handles.. I just couldnt help it.. and then of course I couldnt have them travel alone so I bought them 7 more pairs of friends to travel with them .. they should be here tomorrow.. so pictures!.. I guess I should get busy with the designing of the bags I am going to make.. ...

So you guys got a post before I even got my caffiene this morning.. I would say before I got dressed but it was chilly so I do have on youga pants and a t-shirt ..besides that the mental of me sitting here naked posting.. probably isnt one you want folllowing you around all day ..

More later.. off to do great and wonderful things !

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Thursday, April 28, 2005  


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