Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wasting Time...

Seems like that is what I have been doing.. not really.. I am sure I have done something worthy this week other than wind yarn into hanks and post them to Ebay (click if you wanna peek ... yeah yeah yeah I know more shameless advertising but at least I am not holding a bunny for ransom like this sick fuck) I guess the saddest part is people are actually sending him money... its crazy..part of me is like.. why didnt I think of that?(yeah like I could really just take money or hold a cute little bunny hostage) the other is disgusted that some one would actually DO something like that..and the last part of me is sickened by the stupidity of some people to send this man money..

I am still plugging on the secret pal project.. man I will be so glad when its done! Its gonna be nice.. but its taking a reallllllllly long time to finish and quite frankly .. its getting on my nerves.. the end product will be so worth it..

So .. I went and helped my pottery buddy work in clay a little thursday and friday and in return I was given some really cool raiku pieces I can crochet into chokers...I am going to start on them tomorrow as soon as I can figure out what colour thread to use... decisions .. decisions.. and of course the first piece I want to do ... more decisions.. here are the pieces I have ..

If you want to check out some more of her work ... just click HERE she has decided to list a few pieces on eBay to see how it works out for her.. They are really nice.. I helped her pick these 5 pieces to post...

I have gotten another bracelet bag completed save the drawstring.. I will post that up tomorrow.. I have worked a little on my knitting.. its going slowly as usual.. LOL.. I am getting better and faster.. maybe one day I will actually do something that isnt a rectangle.. we will see LOL..

I guess that is all .. OH except the highlight of my weekend came when I recieved this:

Thanks EVA! my wonderful Norwegian friend!! The book mark is beautiful and the Kaviar paste.. well you know how I feel about that ...LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE... I wish I could find it here.. but I have looked high and low.. maybe some day .. I can wish ..

more later kids!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Sunday, April 17, 2005  


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