Friday, April 01, 2005

Baby Steps

I guess I am feeling a little better.. On my walk today .. and yesterday.. to the post office.. I realized.. People in cars are rude... in America.. I have been to other countries.. if you are walking and even look like you are going to step off the sidewalk to cross the street.. the cars stop...

Here on the other hand.. the car coming toward you honks.. the driver flips you off and you can tell he is cursing you as you cross the street.. and general..upset that you slowed HIM down..

The last time I checked pedestrians had the right of way.. also the last time I checked.. when you stop on a street that has a cross walk .. you are supposed to stop BEHIND it.. not in the middle of it.. what the hell.. I do alot of walking here because .. well first off my fat ass needs it.. and second because its better for the environment.. as a driver ..I am courteous to pedestrians because that is really the way it should be.. the pedestrian looks both ways before they cross the street and run for dear life because they are afraid of the drivers like I ran into today.. what is wrong with people..? it shouldnt be like that..

Also.. this I totally dont get.. I had several people stop and ask if I needed a ride..I was walking to the post office.. I did have several pacakages.. I mean it was nice and all but I wondered if these were the same people honking and flipping off pedestrians in the cross walk.. probalby not.. the funny thing is yesterday as I was walking and it was raining..and I was carrying twice the packages... not one person asked if I needed a ride.. today.. beautiful sunny warm.. 3 offers.. weird..

I am so looking foward to the next few days and walking.. the wisteria is getting ready to bloom and it is going to smell like heaven around here.. this is my second favourite time of year.. and it makes me miss my house even more.. I miss messing around in the yard and making it all pretty in the spring so I can enjoy it all summer and into the fall..

In other news today.. my website should be up and running soon.. as soon as I get it all in order .. I will let you all have a look .. it has taken sometime.. a friend was supposed to do it.. then didnt.. and of course didnt really tell me they werent going to do it.. I think I found out by reading their blog.. nice huh? .. anyway .. doesnt matter .. because another friend of mine had a friend.. LOL .. sounds weird.. I was trying to learn to do it myself.. I was getting very frustrated.. so my friend calls his friend.. and she has it almost done.. I couldnt believe some one that doesnt even know me is doing something so nice.. so I guess being nice to people does pay.. karma.... gotta love it..

Speaking of the site.. I should me making things and getting ready for its launch.. but.. of course .. I spent today fucking off here instead and walking to the Post Office and shopping on my way home.. I was good.. I didnt go in the yarn shop.. and I didnt stop at the thrift store.. well I wanted to stop at the thrift store but they only take cash and I just had my check book.. so that was probably better anyway .. I really dont need yarn..

OK.. I think I have rambled on enough today.. more later ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, April 01, 2005  


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