Monday, March 21, 2005

What is Wrong With ME?

OK.. Yeah .. I have been AWOL since Thursday.. I would like to say I have been so busy I couldnt see straight to blog but then that would be a flat out lie.. but I have indeed been busy.. and when I havent been busy .. I have been sleeping.. more than usual.. I have to pull out of this.. I really do .. I am trying .. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.. and I am sure hoping it isnt the train! and if it is the train.. I am hoping its going so fast I dont feel it when it hits me .. how is that for some fucked up logic!

At any rate.. I welcomed in Spring yesterday with a day so perfect I could hardly believe it .. It was 72 degrees.. sunny.. slight breeze.. beautiful.. I hope this is an indication about what spring will be like here.. last year.. I got exactly 3 days of spring and went straight to hot sweltering summer.. so here is hoping..

Let's see.. trying to figure out where to start.. on what I have been doing besides fucking off and neglecting my blog.. and sleeping.. hmm not much.. crap..

Friday.. what did I do Friday.. ok maybe its not such a great idea to go chronologically but to just tell you what I have been doing since Thursday .... I cant seem to get it all straight for the life of me .. I have to mention I am being distracted by the heavenly scent coming from my kitchen.. I am roasting a 5 pound turkey breast with cajun style seasoning I have injected inside with a syringe .. I have taken to cooking things in large quantity and then freezing portions so I have meals made for me at the touch of a microwave button.. I figured out my bad eating habits were because I didnt have things that were convenient to eat so I just ate what was handy.. so I guess I finally realized that Cheezits and sandwich meat did not make the ideal dinner.. I digress..

The most exciting news this weekend..
Crochetville finally has a real home instead of being hosted on crappy EZBoard... what a bunch of bloodsuckers.. your fees for being there were based on traffic.. the more you had the more you paid.. which would be fine but they wouldnt let you pay too much in advance because they were afraid your little board might increase so much that they might be losing too much money that way .. so we all took a vote.. we had money in our community chest.. but decided to donate it and move on since the fees for the next three months were going to be three times what we had.. I am so glad we did ... Donna... Julie.. Tiffany ...thanks for your hard work in getting the place set up for all of us to enjoy! Its really nice and you know new stuff is always fun!!

I have also listed some of my yarns on
eBay (more shameless advertising) so if you wanna go see .. then go see.. if you know some one who might like .. send them my way .. LOL .. I have market Thursday as well .. so I hope to sell some of it there too.. I found out if I dye it then I can sell it .. I dont have to actually spin it .. dye it.. then sell it there.. that was good news to me !! I have done a Martha poncho or two also to list on eBay and to sell at market.. people have been going crazy over this thing and I figured .. why not capitalize on it.. I chose a silk blend yarn for my poncho though .. cause I figured why not use a little better yarn? and if the ones made from acrylic are selling for upwards of 100 dollars.. then I should certainly be able to make my money back on something that is a little better quality .. I will have pictures later on that.. they are in the wash at the moment .. I like to wash my stuff and have it smell nice when I sell it..

Been doing some spring cleaning here... it was so nice yesterday I opened the windows and let the nice fresh air in.. I love that smell.. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.. the first day you can open the windows and let out the old air in the house.. the freshness of spring comes in .. sometimes .. it smells like flowers.. not yet here.. but soon wisteria will be in the air since it grows EVERY WHERE out here.. I am not complaining it only comes in behind lilac in my favourite spring flower smells.. then tulips.. unfortunately .. I have not found a candle of any sort that smells close enough to the real thing.. well except the tulip..
Yankee Candle does a good favourite by them is Clean Cotton and Midsummer's Night.. I love those smells .. Fresh.. not usually into florals anyway .. they give me a headache.. there are a few exceptions.. I usually prefer the fresh flowers to the candle.. and of course if I were rich.. I would have fresh flowers every few days brought to my house so it would always smell of spring in here.. there I go dreaming again LOL ..

So .. I have been busy with ponchos..yarn.. eBay .. and new exercise stuff.. I ventured out.. bought some things for here.. dragging my sorry ass to the gym was getting tedious and of course the times I want to work out the gym isnt open .. like 1 AM .. cause I have most of my energy or productiveness at night.. so I cancelled my membership ( I hated to do it .. and I had to be less than honest to get out of it .. I told a small lie.. I was moving.. and I am moving but not til next year .. they didnt need to know that) .. at any rate.. I went out .. bought a yoga mat.. with the blocks and a cotton strap.. and a yoga/pilates tape.. I also invested in one of those big beach ball looking things I know you know what I am talking about.. and a resistance band system to use with that.. so all my "gym" equipment could fit in a tote bag.. and that is just fine with me.. because I plan on taking it with me when I start traveling again.. so... I did my yoga this morning and my pilates.. and tonight I might venture into my resistance training with the ball and bands.. (boy does that sound perverted .. and if i had an idea to see how many hits that gets me from weird people searching the net.. I am sure it would be a lot LOL)... I am sure tomorrow I will be sore as sore can be.. oh well.. tomorrow is weigh day too .. I started my new amended eating habits last Tuesday.. so Tuesdays are weigh days.. lets hope for some results.. I am on a mission .. I want this last 40 pounds gone.. so I can be a HAMMER! ...

I think I have blathered on enough.. espeically since I didnt give you one picture to keep you occupied.. man I am slipping..

have a good day .. maybe more tonight .. or a couple of pictures at least

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