Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Man Hump Day Already!

Well .. I started this interview business amongst my friends LOL.. so I have some questions to answer before I get any further tonight...

Deneen :

1. What's the first thing you notice about some one you meet for the first time?

Honestly.. their teeth.. I know its extremely weird.. but that is what I think I conciously notice first...

2. What time of day do you feel sexiest?

I would think that would be right after I get out of the shower or bath .. no matter what time it is when I take it..

3. If you could only crochet with one type of yarn, what would it be?

hmmm.. CASHMERE... didnt take me long to think about that one did it?

4. Diet or Regular..

Regular.. I would rather have the sugar/ fat/ whatever...than to put those chemicals in my body that replaces them..

5. Fave Scent....

fresh cut grass.. all time favourite..I never get tired of it..

DomestiGirl asked....

1. If you could design a reality show that you would actually watch, what would it be?

It would have to be something that caught my attention and looked more real than some of these shows.. nothing that involved any one having to eat some vile thing or doing anything I would consider stupid.. I dont usually watch those kinds of shows but
Project Runway sucked me in caught my eye last season .. and I will probalby watch next season as well .. I thought it was a pretty good show that involved designing clothes and reasonable challenges.. and to me was pretty real .. so something along those lines..

2. What is the strangest entry in the 'search referrals' section of your site statistics?

I would love to tell you this.. but honestly I dont know how to check for those kinds of things and have been too embarassed to ask how its done.. it does fascinate me ..

3. Stinky cheese or squishy cheese? Discuss.

I think I would rather have squishy cheese.. cause I really am into smells.. and cant seem to like things that smell really bad.. like bleu cheese..

4. What does your favorite bath/body/haircare product smell like?

fresh.. that is the best way to describe it .. not too floral .. not too perfumey .. just fresh ..

5. What's your favorite season and why?

Fall.. I love to watch the leaves turn.. and I love crisp autumn days.. and the smell of wood smoke in the air..

I also have to send out a HUGE thank you to
Collette .. she was my shawl swap partner at Crochetville .. and this is what she sent me..

as if the shawl wasnt enough.. she included in the package a necklace and earring set made just to match and the cutest little book.. Vogue Weekend Knits.. and a really nice hand made card.. on a side note.. as slow as I knit .. the book will be nicknamed .. week long knits LOL ..

I really love my shawl.. I wore it out yesterday and today.. its so soft and warm.. and just the right size.. THANKS again !!


but before I get to that.. I have finished a couple things..

I had looked at the pattern for this
Evening Shawl for a long time before actually being inspired to make it by seeing Rebecca's finished one.. I usually dont do patterns that dont show me the whole item when complete.. I also dont do patterns that dont have pictures at all .. I like a reference point.. I used a yarn I picked up on my last haul .. its a thick cotton with a nice sheen to it..

I have also been trying my hand at hand painting some wool.. with easter egg dye of all things.. here is the first result..

I couldnt believe how vivid and nice this turned out.. I really liked the result.. so much that I went ahead and wound off the rest of that cone of yarn.. I have 12 hanks with 125 yards on them and 8 hanks with 200 yards on them I will be dyeing tonight.. I was so pleased with the result I went out tonight and bought food colouring .. primary and neon colours.. Kool-Aid.. and some more easter egg dye.. will show you the results when I am finished..

SO that is one of my WIP.. the dyeing..

then I have a
Fan Pattern Shawl on the hook

Mardi Gras Madness still in the works..

I have two knit items still going..

and I think that is about it for this week .. although I would think the 20 hanks of yarn to dye would be enough !!

ok off I go to my lab .. ok really its my kitchen.. just sounds so Mad Scientist to say lab...

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