Friday, February 18, 2005


So I am sitting here thinking about what I should be blogging about today cause its been super boring around this house.. I have indeed worked on my bedjacket and still have hopes of finishing it up tonight..

The new landlord came by and told me they were reroofing the house next week.. oh joy.. roofers on my house at 6 am in the morning isnt my idea of fun.. last year I went through this same ordeal in my own home .. it took them a full 10 days to finish.. I know this roof wont be that bad.. I just still have flashbacks of mine being done.. The part about mine that will always be a mystery is the fact I left for a few days in the middle and you would have thought that would have been the time they would have done the part OVER my bedroom.. I didnt know how wrong one could be about things like this.. they saved that for the day I got home and then started.. at 5.45 am no less.. I have been assured this is a one day job ( I am quite certain it is.. I mean how long could it possibly take some one to roof a house the size of a large refridgerator box?)...

I also recieved a bittersweet piece of news on updating this house.. its a good thing for me.. but sad all at the same time cause.. I really like fire.. my fireplace is going to be converted into a hearth area so a wood stove can be installed.. this will be nice for the heating aspect but sad for me because I really enjoy my fireplace as ineffective heatwise as it may be.. so the week after the roof.. my fieplace gets a make over and I will have a nice new soapstone stove instead.. with a copper fireback on the fireplace.. at least the new owner of this house has some taste... i *heart* copper.. I am also going to get a ceiling fan installed in the living room to replace the very 70's light fixture that is up there.. there is talk of an added mudroom where the side porch is and a deck out back.. I am excited for both of these things.. more living space is always better.. and the mudroom will have shelving so all my yarn can live in the same place and I can have my bedroom back .. wo0t! I will also be getting a paint job for the interior.. I cant believe I am going to get to have colours.. maybe not exactly what I would choose for myself .. but something better than this whole house of antique white.. its depressing.. I love colour..with a little luck I can guide the owner.. I would choose to have a green living room .. a grey bath.. and a slate blue bedroom with a very light terra cotta or gold in my office... I think those colours are very neutral but nice and wouldnt have to be changed for the next tennant.. I maybe very wrong about that.. but one can only hope..

Well I am off to work on that jacket.. I am going to get it done tonight if it kills me!

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