Sunday, February 06, 2005

Well.. I Should Have Known...

holy shit..just when I thought I was getting ahead.. .I went to get my tires rotated before I left today.. when I heard my name being called I couldnt believe they were done so fast!... well there was reason for that.. they a matter of fact I didnt get my tires rotated... because my tires are so ate up it wasnt worth it.. from the outside they looked great ... on the rack when you looked at the inside.. they are basically falling apart.. what the fuck! I only have 24K miles on them and they arent cheap tires... they are Dunlop run flat tires..

SO .. I didnt go on my trip because I was told it would be dangerous.. now the big question is .. why are these tires so fucked up.. I will get my answer tomorrow when I call the BMW dealer and the manufacturer of my tires.. I want some answers... to replace these tires for the same that are there ... will cost me 1000 dollars.. no joke.. they are 250 dollars a piece.. for that kind of money I should be able to drive at least 60K m ore mile.. AT LEAST! I am very dissappointed.. the last vehicle I had .. my tires went for 85K before needing replaced.. so you can imagine my disappointment driving away from the garage today and then having to call my family to tell them the news.. another set back.. maybe in a few m ore weeks I will get there and be able to have my Christmas and birthday ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Sunday, February 06, 2005  


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