Sunday, January 30, 2005


I would say .. where the hell does my weekend go?.. but you know really they are like every other day .. just seems I get sucked into them alot harder than other days.. today I didnt even get out of my PJ's .. I looked at the clock at 9.30 and decided .. fuck it.. too late now.. so .. here I am .. still in my pj's..

I have been pretty productive today .. worked on some secret projects.. finished one of those yesterday .. and started a couple more today .. and finished one more today .. I realized I have two days to get all the UFO's done for home.. but .. I really only have one of those.. my mom's .. that is because I started a doily for her and it really needed to be put away at night for fear of a little cat attack in the middle of the night(she has this thing for yarn balls).. most other things I am doing could survive something like that.. but I dont think a doily would.. so I put it away .. and seriously got so busy with every thing else.. I kind of forgot about it til today when I was running thru my head "the million things to do before I leave here list".... every one told me I should make a list.. I gave up after my list got to about 50 things.. talk about overwhelming.. I decided to do what I always do .... fly by the seat of my pants.. it usually works out pretty good.... even if I always forget something.. it works out in the end for the most part and I only stress for about 15 minutes before and after I leave my house... I got almost depressed with my list sitting in front of me today so I threw it in the fire.. oh well.. I will make a packing list.. that always helps me out ..

I cant say I have never won anything any more .. LOL.. acutally I have.. but I was surfing thru my RAOK ring list and came across Lynne's blog....I was reading along about her crochet adventure.. and she wanted to hear our worst misadventure in knit or crochet.. so I told her my little story and out of all the entries she had a drawing and I was gifted with a gift certificate to Elann now the hard part will be picking yarn... speaking of yarn and as if I dont have enough..

On my way home.. I will be stoppping in to see Melanie to pick up This and of course a few more things I have on order from her.. I am so excited.. new and exciting things.. I tell you .. I am in yarn heaven.. and I absolutely love Melanie and her family.. they are the nicest people.. seriously they are.. I am so glad many of you have gone to her Ebay store and bought yarn.. and told her I sent you .. she gets the biggest kick out of that.. and its nice to see people helping other people.. Melanie uses her yarn money to pay for her daughter's college.. I think that is awesome! ...

I cant wait to get home... I have really missed every one.. I am not a big emotoinal kind of person and I dont lament over how much I miss every one every day .. but I do miss them.. I dont regret coming here .. but there are times when I wish I could just drive to Leigh's house for a drink and some girl talk.. or just pop in and see my sister and my niece.. I miss that kind of stuff.. my attempts here at making friends have totally sucked.. I went to that knit/crochet group.. they were ok but you could tell every one there was there for a reason other than just being social.. I dont like that kind of thing.. I am not a user.. and I wont become one just to fit in .. also there was another crocheter there.. I didnt like her.. she acted like she was the be all end all in crochet and tried to dismiss every thing I was saying like I was some newbie to the art.. at one point I rounded the coversation to how long every one had been at it... and surprise surprise.. I had been crocheting longer.. anyway.. I havent been asked back.. I dont think I look too sad about it .. this town is just too strange to me to try to really make friends.. seems every one wants something .. and that is just not how I work....

Well .. back to the grind guys.. I have a couple things to do before I go to bed.. ...

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