Friday, January 28, 2005

Market Day Cont......

Firstly.. in case some of you are not aware.. today (January 27th) was the 60th anniversary of the liberation (not sure if that is the right word but I am gonna use it anyway ) of Auschwitz... so if you havent already take a minute to think about what hate does ... and breeds... and think about how we can keep trying to change that and be more tolerant people... I will wait .. you can think about it and come back to me when you are finished..

......... so .. market today... sucked.. it started out fairly nice but it was colder than expected.. I had a heater but the wind kept blowing so I just couldnt sit and enjoy my day .. so .. about 3 ..I packed it in and came home.. at least I got some exercise lugging all my gear in and out ... lol .. and I got plenty fo fresh air today.....

I have many things in the works and realize I have many things to do before I go home next week.. EEEEKKKK .. 6 days til I leave.. and a million things to do.. I wonder if I will get them all done.. probably not.. that is the norm.. I freak myself out over things that I dont need to then add to my stress so by the time I get in my car to drive.. I am tense the first half of my trip.. I am doing better.. but still.. I always forget at least one thing.. ALWAYS!

I found a few more things I want to work on .. I think I will take this break time to make my lovely butterfly shawl out of the silk yarn I treated myself to at christmas time.. I wont have a market next week because I will be gone.. so I have two weeks to the next one and I have been working on building my stock back up so I dont really need too much for there.. so I think I am really going to get my shawl done.. I have done one thing for meself in a year.. so I think its time I do another..

well its that time.. I am gonna go zonk out..

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