Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Can We Say Slacker?

Well just because I am not blogging doesnt mean I am not busy ..actually it means I am very busy.. I finally got my canopy replacement so I can make market tomorrow if its not windy or raining.. if those two things are happening I am NOT going because I will not have a repeat of three weeks ago.. that just cant happen.. I have been hugely busy making replacement items for my stand..

I have been getting ready for my trip home soon to see every one and crossing my fingers a dog sitter will come thru last minute will so suck if they dont..

The weather here has been beautiful since the first of the year.. Its been in the upper 60's and lower 70's for the better part of the past 2 weeks.. no complaints here... I received my snow fix right after Christmas and the cold snap right before I was I am happy .. I like it warmer here ..I can take the dogs on longer walks without being completely miserable.. I have to burn less wood so that means less wood cutting for me ! Always a plus.. making more time for crochet is always a bonus.. speaking of which I did something totally new .. I did something called fulling (most people call it felting because that is what it looks like when its done)... for those of you with no clue... think of it on these terms.. I am sure every one at one point in their life has thrown that one wool item in the washer and dryer and it came out looking like something barbie could wear.. that is a simplified version of fulling ... LOL.. not that its very complicated anyway .. because if it were totally complicated .. I wouldnt be doing it..

SO... I spent a day and a half making this bag....I am giving you three pictures to click so you can see the before measurements..

And here is what it looks like with three times thru the washer on hot water with some vinegar ..

Its magic I tell you !! Just plain magic.. now imagine if you will.. in the before pictures you can see openings at the top for a drawstring.. after you cant see them as much but they are still there.. I will be taking suede thong and braiding it to make a drawstring sling strap for this bag... also I guess I should mention it felted down to about 9 inches tall.. 9 inches across when folded and a little over 6 inches across the bottom.. I am quite pleased with myself.. the yarn I used was vintage and a "elf" gift from my wish list I posted before christmas.. some one read my blog or post at Crochetville and sent the yarn.. it said cold water washable so I was taking a chance but figured when that hot water hit it .. it would shrink just as I thought.. IT DID!! .. so thanks my little elf .. you know who you are ...

I liked this technique so much I am giving it another go in just a few days with another bag and possibly some slippers and mittens.. I guess It will depend on h ow ambitious I want to be today .. which means I have to get my ass off here and get moving!

Hope you all are having a great day !

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