Thursday, December 23, 2004


that is the only way to describe today.. I got up this morning.. pissing down rain.. wait it out.. slacked off by market time.. throw my stuff in the truck to take to the market.. get there.. the wind is blowing so hard it takes me almost an hour to get my pavillion set up and then the wind just demolished it.. by the time 11 had rolled around I was packing it in to come home.. no one was gonna buy anything today .. so it was useless.. I should have just stayed home in the first place and I would at least still have a tent to use .. now I am tentless and in the hole... dammit! the whole point was to try to MAKE money .. not spend more .. I swear to you I felt like Dorothy must have today.. the wind was whipping and tossing my little tent every where.. I even had it tied down to my bumper and the bumper of the truck next to me to no avail... snapped those little aluminum cross bars like they were twigs I tell you tonight I am tired and sore from wrestling the seriously kicked my ass.. and didnt make a dime today .. merry christmas to me huh?

On the bright side.. I will be getting a better sturdier tent.. I have some orders to do I can concentrate on .. and I have had a nice day even after all that.. I came home .. started work on a sweater for Brutus..(lookie I just taught myself something new that text thingy .. i mean i knew how to do it but I figured the short way woohooo ) .. its cute.. burnt orange chenille with a little boa trim.. so as soon as I get the rest of the boa on.. I will have him model it for you .. in all his disgusted glory.. you should have seen him while I was trying it on for size tonight.. he acted like I was killing him.. then wouldnt move while it was on.. I tell you .. he WILL be thankful when he realizes the damned thing will keep him warm AND make him look stylish..all the other dogs on our walking route are gonna be jealous and want one becuase he looks so good! ....

Talked to my sister today.. there is snow at home.. maybe some will blow my way .. that sure figures.. it was 66 degrees here today .. UGH and its almost christmas.. I am told its supposed to only be about 15 on christmas day though.. we will see.. I want snow not cold weather!!

I am going to get a picture up of all the ponchos I have done for my nieces .. and a few other things that have been done for Christmas.. but it will have to wait for a more energetic day!

I hope you all have a great night .. more later !!

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