Thursday, December 02, 2004

December ALREADY???

I cant believe its already december.. where did my year go? seriously .. just the other day it was like july 4th or something.. I swear the older I get the faster the days go .. hell by the time i hit 50 the days will just feel like minutes going by.. I will never get anything done... UGH

Today at market was good... if I had 50 scarves I would have been able to sell them all.. people were serious scarf buyers today .. I sold 7.. 7 scarves.. a shawl.. a wrap.. and a baby blanket.. YaY me ! .. not so shabby.. but I guess you all know what I am gonna be doing this week.. thats right .. I am gonna be making scarves like a mo' fo' .. the people that stopped by today said they would be back next week If I would make some scarves.. I guess they are down to getting those last minute small gifts.. and that is fine with me as long as they buy them from me .. I dont want to make 20 scarves this week only to haul back 19 next thursday evening..

So tonight when I got home I started that cute little lamb in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine for my nephew.. I have gotten quite a bit done already .. I think he will like it.. that is the last present I have to finish and I am DONE! SO.. this week .. one lamb.. 5,000 scarves.. that is my goal.. ok really only about 25.. but I am sure it will seem like 5K when I am finished and I wont want to do another scarf any time soon.. on the bright side..the ones I dont sell .. can be reserve gifts.. you know .. those gifts you keep just in case some one shows up at your house, party , etc with a gift for you and you dont have one for them.. every one wears scarves and if they dont they arent going to tell you that as you give them a hand made one.. they just let the dog wear it when they get home...

I am getting excited about going home for Christmas.. I have to call my dad tomorrow and finalize some stuff.. it should be a nice trip .. I havent been home since October.. I know that doesnt sound like long but I was used to seeing my sister at least every other day before I left and now its months in between .. I also like to see the kid's faces when they get excited aobut the gifts they get at Christmas.. that is so fun! ..

I am just all over the place tonight .. I think its sleep dep.. I did my usual insomnia thing last night.. always the night before market.. never ever a night where I dont have to get up the next day .. ALWAYS wednesday... the last time I looked at the clock it was 4. 37... thats right.. I got about 2 hours sleep.. I have been wired on espresso and tea all day .. I have a small espresso pot (the old kind that is silver and comes apart in the middle) and a little camp propane burner ... man I was set today .. brewed up coffee that would eat a spoon and had a great caffeine fueled day .. I am sure my last customers of the day thought I was on speed.. I was talking so fast a lady asked me if I was a Yankee !! LOL.. imagine that .. too funny ..

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