Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I suppose some of you could imagine my surprise as I got to my blog this evening to see a disturbing comment.. then more surprised to know it was made by a friend..

I have this to say .. every one is entitled to their opinion... but my previous post was to honor our vetrans not start a political war on my blog.. I appreciate that my friends have different opinions than I do .. and that part is fine.. I guess the part that really upsets me is the friend that made this comment knows my history and felt it necessary to disrupt my tribute to our military...

In saying that .. if you felt singled out in any way .. it wasnt meant to be pointed to one person in particular.. just in general.. I love this country and would never want to leave it.. if you feel you dont love it as much or feel the need to leave or whatever because of our government etc.. so be it .. I would never feel any different toward you ..

I just feel a little hurt some one I consider a friend would say these things under a post to honor those who have given for this country .. and wouldnt let me know personally first that I had insulted you ...or you planned on insulting me and the memories of people that I happen to love dearly...

I didnt feel the need to "research" my entry due to the fact it was a tribute not a political statement.. and of course this is my blog and if I happen to want to get self righteous that is my decision to do so ... as it was your decision to say what you felt you needed to say .. I just think maybe there would have been a better time and place to do so ..

So the rest of you that were hoping for a few pictures... I am sorry there wont be any tonight .. I swear tomorrow there will be.. I am a little too upset at the moment to be half coherent.. gonna go now .. see you all tomorrow with happier thoughts..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Tuesday, November 16, 2004  


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