Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Today I realize how I managed to get the nickname Martha Jr.. as I was cutting up my pumpkin to make pie filling and pumpkin butter.. as well as starting a loaf of bread (in the machine of course because I surely dont have enough counter space to do it by hand)..and working on my christmas projects with freverent hope of getting them all done by christmas and of course getting some mailed actually on time for a change.. and as all this was going on (as if I needed more to do ) I got out the address book and made note of all the people I need to send christmas cards to.. that of course is the day after thanksgivign tradition for me.. addressing the cards.. sometimes they acutally make it to the post office !!

I did make it to the thrift shop today (picture tomorrow its way late tonight..actually its already technically tomorrow.. so later today).. i used restraint .. i only picked up a dozen skeins of yarn today .. 4 were a cotton linen blend.. 6 were some peter pan wendy velvet touch for some little stars and I picked up 2 extra really nice ones for Amy.. I promised her some yarn.. picked up some for her then found this today that was much much better than what I had gotten previously.. almost made me glad i had procrastinated about getting it out to her.. i am sure she will thank me later...

I have a million things to do tomorrow.. getting ready for market.. go the post office.. run to the grocery.. get the pumpkin butter put up.. finish some projects and of course the usuals.. gym.. dog walk.. straighten up here.. cats etc...

Its supposed to rain again thursday.. ugh.. another rainy market day and only be about 60 degrees.. I am taking lots of warm stuff to drink.. I will not be cold and miserable..I need sides for my pavillion.. maybe I will get some tarps and some snap links and make some to keep the wind and the rain off me .. and my stuff... that would definately be a bonus.. gonna think on it tonight ..

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