Saturday, October 23, 2004

Hmm Friday

So today is every ones friday .. but its my monday .. I have been a busy little bee.. I finished my mohair shawl and scarf .. and the galaxy cape .. all commission pieces and I managed to finish 6 of the 16 jam jar covers I need to do for next thursday already.. with those things out of the way .. I have nothing looming over my head and I am free to work on what ever I please for thursday .. On that note.. I took stock of what I had .. I am down to 2 ponchos and 2 shawls.. not good... so my main concern is going to be ponchos and shawls for the next two days.. and seeing how much I can possibly get done by monday .. then I am going to work on the smaller things I want to do .. some more little stars and stockings.. lucky penny holders.. extra jam jar covers .. and face cloths.. actually those things will be my rotating projects between the big stuff..

On another note.. I really got mad at my hair today .. and almost went and got it chopped off.. of course I didnt.. because .. well I think there would be many people that would be disappointed in me for giving up on it .. this is the longest my hair has been in 15 years.. I really like it .. its just I got my round brush stuck in it today and it took me almost 30 minutes to get it out.. frustrating.. just time to rethink my brush.. not used to this much hair.. well not more hair just longer.. and of course i was drying it .. which I dont do therein lies the problem..

I went out today to get all the food and necessary supplies for the rest of the weekend .. so I dont have to leave home unless I want to .. that way I can be more productive.. the siren song of the Thrift Store has made it to my house .. I might be tempted to go there .. if there is any more of the baby yarn there I think I might need to get that .. but nothing else..I have decided I need to use what I have here .. before spending more.. but I dont have any baby yarn so .. that would be a good investment.. If I need to stretch tomorrow I will take the walk down there .. I woudl like to take the dogs but there is no one here to watch them while I am inside.. and of course I could never just randomly tie them out and go in .. I will take them for a nice walk in the morning to get the blood flow going..

Well today was a boring day as far as me trying to be amusing here LOL .. tomorrow


i cant wait

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Saturday, October 23, 2004  


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