Saturday, October 16, 2004


I really didnt want to go as far as saying I am obsessed.. but I think I am .. I saw a pattern for a Christmas stocking the other day and thought I had bookmarked it.. well I didnt.. NOW.. I want the pattern.. its effecting my work.. my chores .. my housekeeping.. I have been searching since yesterday with no avail .. I have even enlisted the help of all the nice people at Crochetville to help me...

It would be different if this were any ordinary pattern... but its not .. it looks like a little elf shoe of sorts .. its pointed at the end and kind of curled up.. if it were any plain ordinary stocking I would be ok .. I have a half dozen patterns for things of that sort... the problem with this is... of course.. i think that was the one and only place to find it.. I was clicking through .. saw it .. liked it... now I want it.. I have been through every link in my history for the past two weeks..that is what I spent most of my day with yesterday when I should have been working.. however... I did manange to complete a poncho and start the fringe on a shawl.. today I MUST finish that fringe... fringe yet another poncho.. and fringe the one I made last night.. I am not going to do any thing else until I get all that fucking fringing done... and yes .. I know.. its MY fault.. I should fringe as I finish.. but I just dont like it.. or well frankly its just boring.. I love the way it looks but the repetion gets to me after a while.. I do have a good excuse for the one poncho not being fringed.. It was for a friend of mine at home.. but I needed to measure to see how long she wanted the fringe.. so while I was there I was going to fringe it but she wanted a darker yarn with the lighter yarn and I didnt bring with me.. so I had to bring it home to do it.. the shawl.. well.. I just finished it a couple days ago.. so not a big deal there.. and the poncho from last night.. I wanted to see some yarns in different lights on it so that isnt unusual for me to not do it immediately.. just seems to have piled up quickly..

The only other thing I wanted to touch on today was some rudeness I encountered yesterday .. OH WAIT.. I have two .. so here is the first one..

My neighbor has to have the worlds most annoying dog with the worlds most annoying bark.. its like a yip with a kind of howl at the end.. hard to describe but trust me its the most annoying thing I have ever heard.. and this wouldnt be so bad if she let it out in normal daylight hours ...I mean I leave my dogs outside most of the day some nice days but its after 10 am and I bring them in by 6... if they bark .. well most people are at work in those hours or at least not asleep.. I try to have some common courtesty... well THIS lady apparently doesnt care.. and as I was trying desparately to sleep yesterday morning.. I kept hearing this dog with its annoying yelp.. I will say I am a light sleeper .. I had my windows open ... but at 5.30 AM.. it was too much .. I am not a morning person AT ALL.. and I have had this incident once before when I first got here 6 months ago.. so it was a repeat yesterday.. so at 5.45 am after laying there listening to this dog and hoping she was going to bring it inside .. the noise continued.. so I got out of bed.. went to m y back door and opened it.. and yelled.. (I am certain my other neighbors were quite happy with me for that but I was pushed beyond reason) this is what came out of my mouth:

" In case you are unaware most normal people are sleeping at 5.45 in the morning ... shut your dog up so I can sleep OR I will shut it up for you !"

Not one of my most diplomatic nor intelligent moments but enough was enough and by god.. 30 seconds later that dog was inside and it was quiet..the noise didnt start today til 10 am .. which is something I can live with ..

Second incident.. I had to call the court clerk for an innocent enough question yesterday .. Yes.. it was friday and Yes I had waited until 10 of 5 to call .. and Yes .. I know these are government workers in a thankless job and people can be annoying at times.. BUT.. I was polite and asked my question nicely .. only to be basically snapped at and hung up on.. so Monday morning Marie.. I am calling your supervisor and telling.. yes its child like.. but I really didnt deserve the rudeness of that exchange especially when I started out with "Hi how are you today ? I have one quick question I am hoping you can answer"

Common courtesy .. where has it gone? Did it take a vacation and I wasnt informed? I just dont get it... I am southern .. I am very PROUD to be southern.. I was raised with manners and courtesy... I expect to be treated wtih the same.. I was raised to say yes Ma'am and no ma'am.. and I still do...because If I didnt I had parents that would reprimand me (ok dont take this wrong.. but they would beat my ass if I didnt behave... not really reprimand LOL ) The thing is ... every one is in such a hurry that they treat each other with apathy or disdain... and it makes me sad... enough with this..

I am off to the Thrift Store .. They close at noon ...not that I need any yarn.. I just want.. they had some baby stuff there that keeps telling me it wants to be a blanket every time I go.. so I am going to go rescue it and let it grow to its potential..

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