Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Blogging on My Trip

I wonder if this is normal.. blogging while away .. I commandeered my friends computer because I was having blog withdrawal.. how sick is that ? not really sick because between my friend and her husband they have 5 computers so its not like I had to fight hard for it..

Anyway stint as a nude model for my friend's art class will be over tomorrow.. it was pretty enlightening .. actually it was very enlightening.. and it was very interesting to see the different personalities of the 4 classes for which I have been modeling ... there is an older woman in one of my classes that was totally fascinated with my decision "to do such a thing" I am not stick thin, nor am I magazine model material ...however...I am confident and comfortable in my skin and happy with me ... and I guess that is the difference between the two of us... before class yesterday I had a little exchange with her and managed to learn she still does it with the lights out after being married for 15 years.. so I guess that explains alot about her shock and me being "brazen"..

I received the best compliment yesterday from a "boy" ( I say boy because he was about ohhhhhhh 19...and that is a mere child to me still) He told me I was a classic.. I was a perfect Botecelli chick.. .. That made me feel really good.. especially in this day and age where teen agers are fed propaganda about how they should look and what they should be attracted to ... look in every magazine or tv show and see tall skinny chicks every where.... I promise you when those boys grow up they will appreciate a woman with a little meat on her bones!!!

I have resisted some temptation of buying me yarn while I was here except for monday evening when we went to a little craft store and they had Galaxy for 3.97 a skien.... and I picked up some Boa for 2.99 a skien.. I also found beads at a kick ass price for my beaded projects.. made me feel good.. all told I only bought 6 skeins of yarn so far on this trip..

I even went to JoAnn's this afternoon .. the only thing I picked up there was the BH&G Simply Creative Crochet magazine... lots of nice stuff in there ... and as much as I was tempted to buy yarn for a certain project inside.. a little voice reminded me I needed to finish a poncho tonight .. and I still had a shawl to do as well .. and I didnt need new projects at the moment.. I am very proud that I was so good !!

I hope all of you are having a great week .. tomorrow is my last day here and I will be moving on to Tennessee to see my family .. there is a function at the winery on Saturday night I will be attending with my best friend ...i have been debating about taking my little clip light that runs on batteries so I can crochet in the dark LOL.....probably not the best idea since I will definately be drinking.. the results could be dangerous.... Well I am off for now .. wanted to update every one .. and will blog more as I can ..

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