Friday, October 01, 2004

Errand Day

I hate errand day.. go to the post office.. go to the grocery.. pick up your dry cleaning.. get pet supplies, etc.. I hate it so much I make my errand day come around as little as possible .. I "save" all the things that arent pressing til the day I HAVE to go to the grocery... why? because going to the grocery is my least favourite thing to do in the whole entire world... PEROID.. I hate I just lump every thing I need to do in one day so I can just write it off and get my crap done..

The one big bonus of today was the grocery I go to was over stocked on salmon so I got my salmon today for 1.99 a pound.... I bought 5 pounds.. and I am very tempted to go back tomorrow for more.. because quite frankly I could eat salmon every day and never get tired of it .. that and Halibut are my two favourite fish in the world.. yes I said THE world.. and I mean it .. not only does it taste good.. salmon is very good for you with the omega -3 fatty acids that are supposed to build brain power.. and let's face .. who couldnt use more of that?

I splurged also today and treated myself to a nice european style dinner.. I had brie and french goats milk cheese, baguette, grapes, blackberries, and some cold cuts... then as a reward for completing all my errands .. treated myself to some chocolate cheese of the gods I tell you !!

AND I was a good girl ..I stayed away from the Thrift store.. because I know they have put new things in the window to lure me there tomorrow.. and I refuse to be sucked in.. besides I am leaving for a week on Sunday and need my extra money... for now anyway ..this trip is going to be a profitable one that is for certain.. I am looking very forward to it.. then I can go to the Thrift store all I want ..LOL...

Worked on my commissioned poncho and I am about to go work on it some more .. I will take pics of it and the other one I completed and post them when I am all finished.. I have found some patterns and I have some Ideas about doing some new kind of off the beaten path sort of things.. I will keep you posted on those too .. all in all nothing extremely exciting today ....

Tomorrow is Autumnfest.. I will take my dogs for a walk through town and check it all out in the morning and tell you all about it when I am finished.. hope you all have a great evening

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