Thursday, September 30, 2004

Stupid People

It must have been the day for stupid people..making a note it is 2:50 am here.. cant sleep.. I swear to god every one woke up a few cells short this morning.. maybe they spent the evening watching reality shows...

I got up and started to be productive.. there was a friend of mine however that had left me a message saying they needed to talk to me .. on my yahoo messenger.. so I checked my mail etc.. not there.. so I left my messenger on.. with a busy sign saying I was busy with my yarn but if you needed me to buzz me...

I settle into the living room and get my project for the day out.. I get ten stitches in and here is my first act of stupidity of the day ...
my messenger buzzes..I put down my work get up come to the office and see who it is.. thought it might be the friend in need.. here is how my exchange went

Friend: HI are you busy ?

I am thinking I have a note up saying I am and this better be important..

Me: Uh Yeah.. cant you see my note.. I am working on a poncho... Did you need something?

Friend: No just wanted to chat....

Me: well I am busy I will be back later and we can talk

Friend: Fine be that way

Me: I will...

and I left.. maybe its the moon .. maybe I am just a bitch.. but all I can say is that my note said I was busy and if I were NEEDED please buzz me... this was directed to the friend that needed to talk...not just random people wanting to know what I am doing.. I will say .. that I usually dont do this.. for this reason... because people will just wanna chat.. so I usually turn the yahoo off until I am ready for a break.. but today I was trying to be a good friend and that almost drove me to the brink of insanity this morning...

So I go back to my work in the living room.. I sit down...and I get about ten stitches in after I figured out where I was in my work.. and I hear .. BUZZZ...I looked at the clock and its about the usual time for my friend to be there so i get back up....

Second act of stupidity..

2nd Friend: I saw your note...are you really busy or do you just not want to talk...

Me: I am really busy .. If I didnt want to talk I would have turned this off...

2nd Friend: Oh good then you have time to talk to me

Me: Actually I dont.. I left this on for a specific person and you arent it so I am going to go back to my work...

*note to any one that works at home: no one takes your job seriously.. they think you sit around eating chocolate all day .. and not doing anything but blogging and chatting*

2nd Friend: Fine I see I am not important enough to talk to but SHE is

Me: OMG.. NO.. I am trying to be productive today.. I have market tomorrow and wanted a few new things... She left me a message saying we needed to talk.. so I am waiting for her..

2nd Friend: Then why did you even bother answering me

Me: Because I figured if I had to stop what I was doing to get up and see who was here , I might as well respond.. however .. if I had known you were going to be a twit .. then I wouldnt have..

2nd Friend: Fine ..I will talk to you later when you are less bitchy.. maybe you need to go have some coffee or eat something.. you sound like you are sugar diving or need some caffiene..

Me: Actually I am irritated as shit because you seem to think I dont want to talk to you when I am trying to work.. this is my JOB.. in case you need a reminder its what I do for money and I would like to make some this week..

Silence... ahh finally.. I get ready to walk off and this comes up

2nd Friend: I see some one had her morning bowl of Bitch flakes...

as much as I didnt want to .. I ignored it.. had I answered... it would have been so ugly and non productive ... and I just didnt need any more distraction...

So I get back to my work.. find my place.. lay in one row .. and BUZZZ....

Finally my friend.. I told her I was beyond glad to see her and asked if I could call her so I could turn off this machine.. she agreed then I called and told her about every one's stupidity.. ..then I like a good friend listened to her..

So last week at the market I broke my pop up pavillion.. no biggie.. just that I waited til today to fix it.. only took me about 15 minutes however .. I got to deal with more stupid people at Lowe's... I understand these people get paid minimum wage .. maybe a bit more.. and I also understand every one has to have a first day .. but..

I get to Lowe's.. I need repair plates... its a little plate with holes drilled in it already that you put over breaks and screw in to make it stable again.. in case any one needed to know that.. I had never bought them before .. but knew what they were so I had no idea where to find them... I go in the store and go to the hardware/fastener/ key making area.. this seems logical that they would be there.. I find the first available person.. because not only did I put this off til today.. I waited to like 8:30 and Lowe's closes at 9... so here is the exchange

Me: I am looking for repair plates

Associate: (looking at me like I have a penis growing out of my forehead) Umm .. I dont know what those are..

Me: they are little plates with holes drilled in them to repair breaks in wood or metal.... kind of looks like the side of a hinge but with out the hinge part..

still staring at me like I just spoke Chinese to him... a man walks by and had caught out exchange...

Passerby: They are right down that aisle toward the end...

Me: Thanks...

glaring at the associate as I walk away ... I realized I also needed a drill bit after I picked these plates up so I went over to the tool place and picked up my bit.. its amazing to me how many men treat women like they couldnt possibly know what they are doing

Second Associate: Find every thing you needed ok ?

Me: Yeah I just needed a bit to drill thru some metal

Second Associate: Let me see what you have to make sure you got the right thing...

now let me tell you .. this hit me all kinds of wrong... so i let it fly...

Me: I dont need you to tell me .. I know I have the right thing.. I can read.. there are signs every where over there and this one said it drilled through Metal.. just because I am a girl doesnt mean I dont know what I am doing...

Second Associate: Have a nice night ma'am

Me: Thanks! You too!

I get to the 'Burb.. and I will be damned if some stupid ass didnt come barrelling in behind me to a degree I couldnt back the rest of the way out.. and instead of him reversing.. he just sat there waiting for me to pull back into the space so he could get by me .. so I did ... then I watched him park.. I drive right up to where he was walking... put the window down and said


and then I drove away ... god that felt good... I got home fixed my tent and worked on a wrap.. tomorrow has to be better.. I am gonna be sitting out side in the sun talking to nice people all day .. I hope..

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