Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Strange Day

Ok so I have had a rather strange day ... I really hate people that fuck with me and play mind games .. so you know who you are if you are reading this just stop .. enough already...I am finished..

Then of course this strange urge of sharing has over come me.. so I feel I must divulge my guilty little secret.. something of which I derive mindless pleasure and entertainment ... I am totally addicted to Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.. I LOVE THAT SHOW!.. I wish I could turn Kyan straight.. god he is a hottie.. these guys remind me of good friends of mine that have moved to various parts of the country.. I miss them dearly ... I swear if it werent for my gay friends I wouldnt be half as fun or sophisticated as I am .. they have moulded me and expanded me in many ways...

I cannot stand close minded people or people that think that because they do one thing or another it might "make them gay"..UGH the mentality of it all .. and I LOVE those people that think you can "turn gay"... this concept kills me... seriously .. and then there are the straight guys that if you even mention or try to do anything remotely sexual around their ass.. it might mean they are gay if they like it ..PLEASE!! But those are the same guys that want to fuck you in the ass..and cant see where THAT could be considered more gay! I sit here laughing at it all ..

Man I am on a roll today .. maybe my messenger being messed up has been good for me .. I havent sat here mindlessly talking to people all day .. I have been productive .. I almost have that black mohair finished.. and already have ideas for the next big project.. AND the instructions on how to make my button on the side bar ALMOST make sense.. maybe when I look at it tomorrow I will have it figured out... then of course that means.... *dont say it.. dont say it* I will have to add all the bloggers under me.... addictions.. I tell you .. I guess there are worse things.. yarn and blogs arent too bad for me are they ? Speaking of which I hear the siren call of the mohair.. Off to finish that damned shawl!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Tuesday, September 21, 2004  


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