Sunday, September 19, 2004


There is something about people that avoid things rather than deal with them that really gets to me. This is going to be a vent. There are people I deal with that I think would rather walk on hot coals than to close something out. People that know there is a problem but they just dont discuss it like that problem will disapppear if they ignore it long enough. I absolutely HATE that. I would rather walk on hot coals than to be put off or not have some closure on things that bother me. I dont understand this practice at all. I guess I am one of those people that says what I mean and if something is wrong or bothering me .. I would rather just deal with it than have it lurk over me .. wondering what might or might not happen. Especially if it is an issue that has been brought up and both parties are aware it needs to be dealth with.. Ok , done with that vent.

The other topic I will vent to right now is impatient people. People that think you can do things the speed of light. Or say people on your messenger list who say hi and if you dont say hi in two seconds they say bye and sign out.. not giving you a chance to even say hi then coming back later saying they said hi and had to wait over 20 minutes for a reply when in fact it was less than a minute. Or those people that are in such a hurry they cut across the parking lot and almost hit you THEN flip you off like its YOUR fault they are breaking the law. Crazy assed people!

On a brighter note.. its been a beautiful day.. sat out today and worked on my star blanket and my squares. I frogged the 4th square it turned out too large and did it all over.. so I have 4 done... not going as fast as I want it to but I have had many distractions thru the day as well. I have half a skein to do in the star and it will be complete.. well as complete as it will be until I can decide how I want to edge it.. I think I am going to put eyelash or cha cha around the edge of it..Make it even cuter. I have to get that black mohair shawl done tomorrow too.. Its haunting me.. It definately has to be done by Thursday but I dont want to be working on it Wednesday night.. so I have committed my tomorrow to finishing it off...I guess that is all for today .. I know tomorrow will be more eventful .. I have to leave the house and that is always interesting !!

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