Saturday, September 18, 2004


Have you ever had one of those days were certain people just got on your ever loving last nerve... ? I guess I will cut to the chase... I have many online "friends"... and some of those people think they can just take it upon themselves to tell me how I should live my life .. or what I should do ... or they have this all knowing attitude and you are never right.. or they just pick fights to be picking.. so tonight.. I cleaned house.. all those people that irritated me when they talked to me .. Well..I told them pretty plainly (cover your eyes or skip this sentence if profanity offends)... to FUCK OFF.. and mind their own business.. and MAN.. I feel better...

I have always been taught to surround myself with positive people.. and I guess it was time to do a little closet cleaning.. there were always those few I would get online and think .. "man please dont talk to me because I dont want to deal with you today"...

so I got to thinking and decided I would just tell them like it is ... and I have this sudden feeling of liberation... there are of course a few more that I have dealings with that I just ignore because they get on my nerves and if I said what I wanted to them in a public forum I would be banned from said forum.. so I hold my tongue because there are too many other people there I enjoy talking to.. (and for all you paranoid people.. no it isnt Crochetville or any one involved there..I havent met one person there yet I didnt like)

Just venting about this makes me feel better... and by the way .. I have 4 squares and 2 skeins in the star.. WOOHOO... gotta make a black mohair shawl tomorrow.. and I am going to try to get the star finished and at least 2 more squares.. and I promised I would figure out how to put my button on my blog.. and I am sure once I do that .. I will of course put many Buttons for many people on my blog.. I said I would do it today but I think I am done with the computer for the night.. and of course its probably a good thing if I just go hide from the angry mob I have created LOL .....

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