Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Freakin' Button

So I read til my eyes bled today trying to get this thing figured out.. maybe I was trying too hard... maybe tomorrow will bring me better results..

Man I feel bitchy.. I have felt that way all day for no apparent good reason.. I cant blame PMS since I have never done that and dont have my cycle any more.. so it cant be that .. so maybe its the moon.. the moon phase is making me crazy.. Yeah thats it.. thats the ticket! .. or maybe I am just a bitch.. who knows for sure .... Just been one of those days where every one that is even the slightest bit irritating has gotten to me.. from the friend on yahoo that initiates a conversation then makes me wait 20 minutes for a reply then gets pissy when I tell them I need to leave because waiting an hour for 3 replies in a conversation is really just wasting my time... to the girl in front of me at the super market... that I let go in front of me because she has only three things and finds herself with out any money.. WTF.. how can you go someplace and not have ANY money.. I mean I have forgotten my check book but I had my ATM or debit card with me .. so it wasnt a total bomb.. I just dont get it...

Ok so I finished my star and its still wet (washed it because am sending it to my nephew who has a mother that is allergic to cats and my cats were laying on it when I got up this morning ) .. I wanted to get the fun fur on it... the Mohair is almost done.. I see being done with it by noon tomorrow.. of course I might have been closer to having it done had I not picked up those balls of extra fun fur at Michael's today since it was on sale... and I made two scarves tonight with it because it was fun and new ....held it with that symphony and some loopy white yarn .. they turned out nice.. pictures tomorrow... too late tonight..

Any how... looking forward to starting some new things this week from my new magazines.. I am like a little kid when I get new stuff.. I guess its because I feel like I am 12 at heart....ok time for sleep its late....

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