Friday, September 24, 2004

Here We Go Again

I want to firstly thank Kari for telling me the mysterious reason my profile was moved.. so instead of doing the difficult thing and rewriting my html.. I took the easy way out and resized my photos at the source.. I know I CHEATED... but hey it works.. work smart not hard.. my grandpa used to tell me still working on that button.. its gonna be the death of me.. I guess if I understood exactly where in my template I was supposed to put it I would be ok .. I get that it goes in the sidebar.. I get how to make it a working button.. I dont get the EXACT placement of the html in my template and I am afraid of messing it up so bad i will "break" my blog LOL ... and not know how to fix it.. this is what happens when you turn some one loose that knows a little about a little.. it can be very dangerous..

The market yesterday was pretty good.. I think its still too warm here for people to seriously consider a scarf.. hat ..shawl or poncho.. I did however sell a small scarflet yesterday and that mohair commission piece.. so not to bad for a day out in the beautiful sunshine and talking to people.. it doesnt even seem like work.. I did get alot of inquiry on if I was gonna be there thru christmas..etc... so I think its gonna get better...also I think if I make a few smaller items its might be better.. so this week my focus will be on a few doilies..some jam jar covers.. face cloths .. bath mits..and I think a few baby items.. because it seems every one needs a baby blanket every now and then LOL... I did get some leads from a woman on where I could also consign some things.. and that could be a nice outlet as well .. I dont have to pay them any thing .. they put a small mark up on the item and I get some money..they get some money .. doesnt seem like a bad idea at all to me ! Also got a few leads to craft fairs etc but it seems around here they are expensive.. maybe they are expensive every where but the one here next weekend.. seems steep to me to pay $125 for a booth that you dont get a refund on if it s cancelled for rain.. and of course no promise you will sell that much either .. kind of sucks.. I mean it would be great advertising.. but I am still in the young stages.. If I were more established it would make more sense to me .. Because I know I would make the money .. at this point its just too big a gamble.. maybe next spring.. they do it twice a year..

So nothing extremely exciting at the market yesterday .. a few older people complained about my prices and I understand that 50 years ago you could buy a hat for a dime whatever.. but its not 50 years ago and this is hand made and I paid way more for the yarn to make it with .. I just smiled and let them have their rant.. no one is making them buy my stuff.. so if they dont like it then dont buy it... or go to WalMart where you can get a hat made of cheap acrylic (this is not an insult to all acrylic yarn because I use it too but you know what I am talking about) made with a machine in a country you cant pronounce.. that is fine with me ..

On a better note.. I had some older people (this is the part that makes me feel good about what I do) tell me it was good to see "young" (I dont believe I am that young but compared I guess I am) people enjoying making things and being a crafter in an age where things are easy to obtain...I had one lady tell me none of her children or grandchildren are even interested in trying to make anything because "why should they bother when you can get whatever you need at the store"... I guess I was raised different.. I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish something .. I like being a "producer".. not just a consumer... I guess I will never understand that "fast food" mentality some people have in this world.. cheap, fast, easy...I was raised to take pride in what you do .. be a productive member of society.. and give to those that have less.. I am not rich by any means.. but I know I have more than a lot of people.. so if I can do a little to make their lives better.. I feel good.. I am rich in heart and spirit and that is what matters to me...

OK .. getting off my rant.. LOL.. going to walk to the post office and enjoy a bit of my day .. I am sure I will add more later tonight ..

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Friday, September 24, 2004  


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