Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Tuesday Already?

This weekend I didnt mention I had walked by the Episcopal church thrift shop in town.. and some how I forgot to mention all the nice yarn they had in the window of their shop..

I dont know how I forgot this.. maybe in the back of my mind .. I didnt want to jinx myself.. but I had just missed them by about half an hour and had to wait til today at 9 am to go back... I have to tell you I have been excited about this since saturday.. In the window there was all kinds of Berroco, Madil, Skacel, etc...So let me emphasize.. I stopped by the LYS to compare and see just how good a deal I was gonna get if I waited til Tuesday...Let me just say this ... every thing was 3 dollars a skein... So today boys and girls, I snagged 27 (yes, that's right) 27 skeins of yarn for 81 dollars...when I got home I got online immediately to see how much money I had saved... Let me just say this .. I have 275 dollars worth of yarn in the bag sitting next to me at the moment and boy do I feel giddy .....so here is a picture.... and then I will tell you what i nabbed.. and let me just say this.. there was much much more.. i am glad i budgeted myself and only took a limited supply of cash.. I could have easily bought more.. so here is hoping for a good market day so I can go back for more !!

Yes you are seeing correctly that is a PILE of Berroco Quest in Copper and Bronze...Some Skacel Fiori, some Madil Bijoux, some Schoeller and Stahl sock yarn, some Skacel Tropicana and lastly some Berroco Denim Silk.. I swear I am in heaven ..I couldnt believe it.. and when I got inside they had piles more than what was in the window.. and the lady inside said there was lots more where that came from... so I guess now I can quit being so damned jealous of all you that find yarn at the thrift store.. also there was a whole basket if knitting needles and knitting supplies.. not too much for the crocheter but you know what .. I didnt care .. I have all those things that I might need... so the yarn was my main focus..I couldnt even tell you what else was in the store .. I went straight in and beelined it to the yarn.. then took a quick count of money ... and then made some hard decisions about what I wanted... it was sad I had to leave so much behind ..LOL.... I will get more.. If its the last thing I do!!

Other than that my big excitement was a tornado coming through town about ten minutes before I decided I needed ice cream last night.. That was super scary knowing had I left the house earlier I could have been seriously hurt.. I guess the yarn gods knew I needed yarn today and they had mercy .. Seriously .. I didnt even know there was one in the area and it hit about half mile from my house.. very strange and I do certainly feel my timing was good.. for once... That is the part about hurricanes that really scares me .. I am too far inland to really get any damage but the pressure pockets and cells that form make this prime country for tornadoes.. Boy do I have the biggest respect for nature.. She has a bad temper sometimes..

Ok .. off to finish the poncho I promised myself I was going to finish before I even touched this new yarn... BTW.. I have had it by my chair all day ..sort of inspiration to get going on what I need to do .. I am so silly sometimes... and


this might last a week...

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