Sunday, September 26, 2004

Mindless TV

Ok so today I sat here doing exactly as I wanted all day .. no real work.. just working on some ponchos and things that need to be done.. as I am doing this I have the TV on in the back ground... could some one PLEASE tell me what kind of drugs these TV producers were on when they decided we needed MORE reality shows... I mean I am all for the informative ones .. like the home improvement ones like In A Fix or Trading Spaces...even the Crocodile Hunter ... because its unscripted and there is something actually being accomplished or taught..

But tell me .. Do we REALLLLLLY neeed a new reality Gilligan's Island? Are we really that morbidly fascinated that we need to see yet ANOTHER Survivor season? .. And Anna Nicole.. who wants to watch her whacked out life? I would rather see the money being spent on shows like Joe Millionaire and The Bachelor be put into programming that wont rot your brain.. into shows you dont walk away feeling like it actually took brain cells away for watching.. like you come away feeling a bit less smart because you watched some crazy people fighting for a million dollars doing things you would never consider if money werent involved...its ridiculous.. where do they find these people?

I do confess my love for Queer Eye but at least after watching it ... I feel maybe I can learn at least a new recipe.. and those guys are helping some poor schlub that doesnt have a clue... and of course there is the laughter .. I get to laugh alot through it at least.....and remember in my earlier entry I said there was a study done on laughter ... so that is way important....

I guess I just dont get TV all that much anyway... I havent really watched much in the past 10 years because I feel there are more productive ways to spend your time and enrich your life...Also I dont understand people that schedule their life around network tv series.... say I am out with a friend.. nothing more irritating to me for them to suddenly look at their watch.. jump up and exclaim "OH MY GOD! I have to go .. I forgot to set my Tivo and I am missing the season premiere of *insert tv series title here*" they quickly say good bye and are off to watch tv... that seems so strange to me .. to prefer going home and sitting in front of a little box instead of having good adult conversation.. am I the only one that isnt addicted to some show or another?

I dont know.. I guess all those years of not being able to afford cable enlightened me in ways others havent been .... well I guess I could have afforded it if I had really wanted to but there were other things each month I could see my 50 or so dollars going to instead of mindless entertainment.. like yarn... books... paint... things to stimulate my imagination... so call me crazy if you want.. but that is just the way I see it .. I would rather experience my life .. than to sit in front of a box experiencing some one elses through another persons eyes...

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