Saturday, September 25, 2004

Productive Day

So i feel I have already had a pretty good and productive day ..worked on two squares.. got one complete .. i went out for brunch .. strolled around down town .. went to my LYS (I was good and didnt buy anything but got several compliments on my shawl) .. passed by the bakery and couldnt pass up going in and getting some goodies and walked home..

got back here .. washed the dogs.. took them for a walk to dry out.. went to the market to get some wine and there was a semi trailer in the parking lot collecting things for hurricane relief.. so I came back home where I have a stockpile of stuff.. grabbed a package of toilet paper, 3 rolls of paper towels and my case of V-8 and took them the the trailer..I know it doesnt sound like much but every little bit counts I think and doing something is better than doing nothing at all ...

So I sit here drinking my coffee and eating my apple pastry and I am thankful that I have something to give... I am not a rich person by any means but I do think I have it pretty good so if I can give back a little it makes me feel very good.. there is a blood drive on thursday as well I am going to try to get to but that is market day and I need to call a friend to watch my booth so I can go..

So on that note.. I am going to drink my coffee enjoy my pastry.. and get the rest of those fekkin' buttons on LOL.....and be thankful

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Saturday, September 25, 2004  


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