Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hell Yeah

Its true.. I am a fucking genius!! I figured it out all by myself.. this is dangerous!! Very very dangerous!! *Dancing Around Like A Cartoon Monkey On Crack~!~~* I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!

To all of you who havent known me through my oddessy with this would be beyond proud of me.. when I first started .. I turned my computer on and dove in head first .. I didnt know a thing.. My neice who was about 12 at the time was teaching me stuff.. Like when you filled in a form on the web you could use the tab to move the cursor.. that is how computer illiterate I was.. My friends that have known me a while know I have come a long way in my 5 years of computing.. Probably not as far as I could .. I am a smart girl.. but this is just one of those things I learned enough to get by.. So this is an adventure.. and I suppose something that has needed to happen .. I guess I was just waiting for the right time !..

Any way .. that little bit tired me out LOL.. So I am off to bed.. but tomorrow.. I am gonna post every bodys buttons or die trying ...

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Saturday, September 25, 2004  


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