Saturday, October 02, 2004


Ok .. so I walked down to the Autumnfest and I just have to say .. Springfest was so much better.. maybe the people that coordinated it should take the hint that their booth space prices are ridiculous.. there werent half as many vendors there or half as many NICE vendors there this time.. it was hit or miss.. there was the usual food people.. you know sausage on a stick .. funnel cakes.. lemonade etc... and then the booths ranged between really nice outdoor furniture that was made of bent willow and hickory to those crazy vendors that sell knock off handbags so bad that you can spot they are fake a mile away .. I will say this .. I SHOULD have put my stuff in there... there was one crocheter there.. her stuff was crap.. I hate to say it , but it was.. not that I dont think acrylic has its place in crochet because I do use it .. but not for EVERY item I make.. and her prices were crazy.. because of those people every one thinks crochet is the bastard hobby .. seriously .. all of the things she had I swear were made (and quite badly I must say ) out of the scratchiest acrylic I have ever touched.. she had a sweater there made out of this stuff priced at $70 dollars... I am sorry .. there is no way in HELL I would pay that much for a garment that she probably paid 5 dollars for the yarn...AND used a pattern that was so 70's...every thing she had looked late 70's to early 80's even her colour choices.. I can only say this ... if you are going to try to do something like that .. please keep up with what is in and what isnt...sure I use some older patterns myself but I use updated yarns and updated colour choices...this is exactly why people think crocheters are cheap!.. enough about bad crochet.. I could go on for hours...

Got back to the house.. took my dogs for a walk.. and then gave them baths.. they both hated it because I did it outside instead of the usual spoiling I give them in the bath tub with the hand shower and warm water.. they were hot today .. they should have apprecitated the cool bath... I know I would if it were 80 degrees outside and I was wearing a fur coat..

This evening I have been a whirlwind.. getting my things packed and ready for my trip tomorrow.. I have done laundry .. straightened the house.. cleaned up.. washed my sheets...and made it nice so when I come home there isnt much to do .. that is always nice .. I have also had to make some hard yarn choices as to what I am taking and what I want to work on .. I hate having to think in advance... I like that spur of the moment thing..I know I will have a lot of free time on this trip so I am trying to plan some projects.. I also know I will be selling a few things.. so I need to stock up on some stuff..I just want to take some yarns with me so I wont be tempted to buy much more.. I cant justify it at the moment.. My shelves are almost full up .. I have decided to take my 63 squares along for the ride so maybe I can get a few more of those done this trip too .. I know my mood will strike that I dont want to do something big so a square would be a perfect project..maybe I can get more of those done than I think .. I am also definately taking my Denim Silk .. because I am going to make myself something while I am gone.. that is for sure !! I have a few more yarns I must take because I have a poncho to finish before I get home (to my credit I do have the first half finished and have started on the second half) and I have a poncho to fringe in hopes of selling it when I get home .. then of course I just took a few things that would coordinate with those yarns .. and I took a cone of yarn I need to make a commissioned shawl out of .. even though I have a month to complete it.. I want to get it done sooner ..

ANYWAY .. I wrote alot.. I hope to keep you all updated while I am gone.. I am going to have computer access so I dont see that as a problem.. I will be home in a week .. every one have a great night !

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