Tuesday, October 12, 2004


It never fails.. the day I get back from some place or of course the morning after.. I have a million and a half things to do .. I just wanted to rest today but NO.. that is not how it went down.. Of course there was the usual go to the post office.. go to the market cause there is no food in the house .. and I also dropped some stuff off at the thrift store and in turn tortured myself by looking at more yarn .. Like I need more after bringing back a car load.. I swear for about half a minute I was doing math and trying to figure out just how much yarn I could get for the 17.50 I had in my bag.. I am dangerous I tell you !!

I left the yarn alone but I did get a copy of the Woman's Day Special Knitting & Crocheting magazine.. I accidentally walked by the magazine section in the grocery..of course since I was there I had to look to see what they had.. and VIOLA! it was there.. there are a few really nice things and alot of pretty run of the mill things but for the 4.50 i spent I feel I got my money's worth ..

I think I created a monster.. My sister just emailed and said she just might be addicted to crochet .. after just a night of refresher.. I hope she doesnt become as addicted as I am to yarn.. no she wont.. she is the voice of reason in our family .. unlike me .. fly by the seat of my pants and do what I want and maybe worry later that I might not have enough money to get groceries.. ok its really not that bad .. but I do things pretty impulsively ... besides that.. I left a big pile on her coffee table.. that should keep her busy for a while and she has keys to my house.. she can get what she wants from there if she is so inclined..

I realized while I was at home.. I need to go back and do about a week's worth of work .. yard clean up and winterizing on my house.. joy joy.. maybe I can find some cute volunteers to help me.. not bloody likely !! I need to seriously weed my flower beds and spread some mulch.. rake leaves.. and bug bomb the house and get every thing ready for cold weather .. .like pour antifreeze down my drains.. trim the bushes and roses .. I am making myself tired just thinking about it.. but of course there is no rest for the wicked LOL....one of the down falls of not living at your primary residence...and then of course there is that thing where you go and want to bring stuff back with you and invaritably you always leave something .. oh welll .. not like I will never ever be back there.. maybe I will go the week after Thanksgiving.. I will have to check schedules etc and see what I can arrange..

I started a shawl today .. need to get it done soon .. its already been paid for.. its turning out nice if I do have to say so myself.. I also need to get to shopping for my new found friend in Norway .. she is getting me things I cant get here like caviar paste and I am getting her things like yarn and leaflets.. So for now I get to shop for yarn not worrying about where I am going to stash it because I will be getting sent to her.. This is going to be fun.. I get to fill my yarn shopping need and not actually have to use it all .. how great is that ?

Ok the siren call of the shawl is pulling me back to reality.. have a great night every one !!

posted by ThreeOliveMartini @ Tuesday, October 12, 2004  


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